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  1. J

    2nd season with Man utd

    Just finished the first season with man u, not signed anyone and finished second by 1 point. won Europa league, FA cup and efl cup. after selling Rojo,Darmian,Felliani,januzaj,schweinstiger and young I have just over £200 million to spend. looking for a long term replacement for Zlatan and...
  2. J

    Ac. Milan

    Going to try a new save with AC milan to try take them back to the top of serie a and europe. Just wondering if anyone has had sucsess with them and which players i should sell and who turns out good. Thanks.
  3. J

    Good players under 1million

    Looking for any good players for under 1 million, cheaper the better who would join a club in the spl. Any positions but desperately need a goalkeeper. Thanks.
  4. J

    Your best squad

    Just wandered what the best squad you guys have managed to assemble have been? and which teams you were?
  5. J

    Making Scottish clubs bigger

    I am about to start a new save in the scottish premier league as aberdeen and was wandering if anyone had had any success with any scottish club (other than celtic) at making them the biggest club in scotland and getting into the champions league consistantly and if so how did you go about it...
  6. J

    Right Back For Man utd

    Looking for a top class right back for man united. start of second season 83 million budget. play a 4-2-3-1 and won the league last year. thanks. any suggestions for other players would be appreciated aswell.
  7. J

    AC.Milan second season

    Just took over as manager of ac Milan at the start of the second season. They finished 3rd so qualified for champions league. Looking to revamp the whole squad so and suggestions for players would be appreciated. Not sure on budget yet but will be selling a raft of players.
  8. J

    Man UTD Second Season

    Just about to start the second season with man utd. i have 42 million transfer budget and will be looking to sell Evans,Valencia,Fellaini,Young,Nani and Hernandez to raise some more funds. will be hoping to sign depay, for the first team and romero, balanta, and tariq for the future but just...
  9. J

    new squad for Rangers

    Decideded to start a new save as rangers in the scottish Championship and looking to overhaul the squad. can u recommend any players that would improve the squad? i am playing a 4-3-3 with a false 9 which i really need. sold alot of the old squad and now have 12 million transfer budget. thank you.
  10. J

    Big Sell on value

    Can anyone recommend players who are cheap to buy at the start of the first season but have a massive sell on value? i have just started a save with norwich in the championship and aiming to make alot of money from buying cheap and selling big.
  11. J

    Regista for the spl

    I won the league last season with aberdeen and and i am looking for a regista to dominate in the spl and help me get to the group stage of the champs league. got around 1.5 million and around 10k a week.
  12. J

    aberdeen second season false nine

    I am coming to the end of the first season and 3 points behind celtic with 6 games to go so not sure what sort of budget i will have for next season but will be looking for 2 false nines to play with adam rooney who has been sensational this season.
  13. J

    director of football.

    Not sure where i should post this but i was just wandering who would be the best director of football to sign for man utd?
  14. J

    building a galacticos

    I am looking to start a new game as man utd and looking to build a galacticos that will rule the world in 5 years time and looking for suggestions as to who develop into the best players in the world in the next 5 seasons. thank you.
  15. J

    Top 3 ingame players

    I am just about to start my second season as man utd. finished 3rd last season and looking top get in some top quality players so just wanted to know in your opinion who are the top 3 players in the game not including ronaldo and messi. any position or age. thanks
  16. J

    Right wing assist machine

    looking for a right winger who will provide alot of assists during the season. start of the first season. around 30 million to spend for man utd.
  17. J

    back up strikers

    second season with man utd. Rooney and van persie are still banging the goals in but are getting injured more and more. I have welbeck but he is not performing when i play him. i sold hernandez so only have the 3 strikers. who would you recommend as back ups to maybe take over from those 2 in a...
  18. J

    sleeping giant

    looking to start a new save and want a challange so looking for a team that either was a massive club or has the potential to be a massive club. good fan base, decent stadium, good budget, and a good youth policy. please help
  19. J

    Aberdeen second season.

    Just took over at Aberdeen in the Scottish premiership. They finished 4th last season so looking for good cheap players to take them up the league. Need a CD a CM and a CF. I've put an offer in for kris boyd who is out of contract. Thanks for your help. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  20. J

    Man utd 2nd season new cm

    i am looking for the perfect partner for lars bender in central midfield in a deep lying playmaker role. Got 100 million to spend. thanks