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    Bundesliga cut out faces

    Good evening, Does anybody know where I could find a bundesliga cut out facepack? I've attempted to download the megapack but it doesn't work properly for some reason.
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    FM won't load

    Hello guys, yesterday I purchased fm13 and installed it on to a laptop I have recently had wiped clean. The installation of the game itself and steam went well without any problems but that's where my luck runs out. I launch the game via steam but it fails to launch. I have left my laptop for...
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Here's the first official trailer for Call of Duty| Black Opps 2... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3tedlWs1XY&feature=youtu.be I personally like the look of this, like the fact that it's looks to be visting the furture rather than reliving the past. The game I believe is already available to...
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    Lowering managers sack rate.

    Evening gents, I have recently started a season and have decided to go on holiday for the first season to take over a relegated side when I return. How ever, once returned I went through the 300 odd unread emails and realised how many managers got sacked in one season in one league alone. For...
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    England/Spain National kits

    Hello guys, I have recently downloaded a European national team kits file, everything works fine apart from both England kits and Spain's home shirt. I have used the search tool but found nothing to help resolving this problem. Have any of you had this problem and how did you resolve it? Thanks
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    Problem with Editor

    Good evening gentlemen, The other day I installed the Editor from Steam but since then, I haven't been able to open it. When I attempt to open it, it says "This game is currently unavailable, please try again later". I have uninstalled and installed a few times but keep encountering the same...
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    English lower league logo's

    Hello guys, Have recently downloaded the English leagues below Blue Square leagues and was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of some logo's for them. I have used the search tool but found nothing. Many thanks!
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    F.A Community Shield- Manchester Utd vs Manchester City

    F.A Community Shield 2011Wembley Stadium, London 14:30 Kick Off Sky Sports One|HD Referee: Phil Dowd This weekend the football season officially begins with the season annual curtain raiser, the F.A Community Shield takes place at the home of football, Wembley Stadium. This season see's Premier...
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    Brazilian goalkeeper charged with attempted murder.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0m07K6vLVw That's one crazy son of a *****, fully deserves his life long ban in my opinion. Very dangerous, very silly.. lucky he isn't facing a "murder charge" instead of an "attempted murder" one.
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    Mario Balotelli "trick shot" failure.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9VwVeCgcRs&feature=youtu.be What a tool.
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    FA Premier League fixtures 2011/12

    Right then guys, tomorrow morning the football league fixtures will be realesed for the up and coming 2011/12 season. The fixtures will be anounced on sky sports news and the official websites of the football league clubs from 9am. So the question is, who do you guys want or think you'll play...
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    "Helicopter Sunday"

    I think the helecopter will be on it's way to Rugby Park, Rangers 2-0 up already inside 5 minutes lol EDIT: 3-0 up inside 6 minutes Could be a rout if Killie aren't careful here lol x2 Kyle Lafferty x1 Steven Naismith Title decided for me.
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    Real boss faces five match ban.

    Jose Mourinho has been hit with a five-game European ban by Uefa following his antics during and after Real Madrid's semi-final against Barcelona. Mourinho has already served one game of the suspension after being sent to the stands in the fiery first leg at Santiago Bernabeu, with a further...
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    The Manchester United Thread

    Manchester United discussion thread Welcome to the discussion thread for the greatest football club in the world, Manchester United. Following the success of the other discussion threads for Chelsea and Liverpool I thought that we United fans deserved a thread to share our opinions on the...
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    The ones that got away.

    Just tuined in to the old firm match and caught a glimpse of Gary Hooper and it got me thinking. This thread is about players that your club released/let go who have gone on to better themselves. For example my current local side Southend United a couple of seasons ago released Gary Hooper...
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    United for life- Nemanja Vidic.

    Not really breaking news or anything but found a story on skysports that certainly cheered me up after yesterdays defeat. "I hope to spend the rest of my career here at United," "I heard the speculation about me maybe leaving last year, but I know where I want to be and I have shown my...
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    Dead-Loyal fan

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/video/sport/football/3500065/Dead-loyal-Colombian-fan.html Fans of a Colombian football club brought a coffin containing a supporter who had recently passed away. You can't make this sort of thing up lol
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    Adriano leaves Roma

    Brazilian striker Adriano has parted company with AS Roma by mutual consent after a disastrous seven months in which he played just five games in the Italian Serie A. Link Despite being 29, if Adriano could sort out his fitness problems and conqour his drinking habbits, I reckon he could...
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    Kolo Toure suspended after drugs test

    It's all doom and gloom for the Manchester clubs today. SAF gets charged for speaking his mind about a referee, Michael Carrick signs a new three-year-deal and now Kolo Toure has been suspended from Manchester City after failing a drugs test. Can today get any worse? Link
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    PS3 Controller Problem

    Hello Guys, A bit of a problem... I brought a new controller yesterday and charged it over night only to find when I disconnect it from the charger it turns of. It only stays on when the charger is in. Any reason for this or is their a fault with the controller? Any help appericated.