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    Decent players to sign for low Barclays Premier League clubs - 1st season

    There are any decent players who actually wants to sign in low Barclays Premier League clubs in the 1st season? (I encounter many players who refuse to even go into contract negotiations). Any player names suggestions?
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    Black screen after minimizing the game

    Hello everyone, When I play FM16, I used to minimize the game and read some news sometimes. With FM15 I didn't had any problems, and I could do that. So, with FM16, I minimize the game to the browser to read news (it doesn't really matter which browser), but when I try to come back to the...
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    Really need help to understand the game

    Hello, I started a new game with Bournemouth and it doesn't went well (I had clear cut chances but my strikers doesn't put it in). I read some guides, but it seems that i still didn't understand the game (because otherwise i cannot explain why i suck in this game). I'm not sure what I'm doing...
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    High tempo + retain possession = works?

    Hello everyone, As the title, does high tempo or much higher tempo + retain possession can work? Assuming i have players with high first touch, passing, vision, anticipation etc...
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    Need your tactical suggestions

    Hello everyone, I'm on the 3rd season with Burnely. At the 3 seasons I played almost the same tactics with some tweaks. 1st season I ended at 7th position I played on standard mentality flexible and those instructions: At the 2nd season I ended in 4th place, 2nd place had 1 more point than me...
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    Players roles and injury prone

    Hello everyone, I have some questions and i hope you can help me with that. I have Zichario Zivkovic in my Burnley team. Is he an injury prone? Generally, when a player fully recovers from an injury, it's recommended to give him few minutes to gain match fitness. Since 20 minutes is the...
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    Searching for a Striker - Burnley 2nd season

    Hey, I cannot decide who should I sign. I have 3 players on my list. 1. Sandro (Barcelona) - For 12M minimum Fee release clause. 2. Gabriel Barbosa (Santos) - For 5.8M + 10M for agent = 15 (his agent own 60% of his stake and he demands the current value). 3.Ewandro (APOEL) - For 8M. Sandro...
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    Euro Cup qualification?

    Hello everyone, I have a question, hope you guys can help me with that. Why is this staff member got the bonus? screenshots: http://i59.tinypic.com/2j0xh03.jpg League rank: http://i58.tinypic.com/4lh79i.jpg Edit: Not that i really care about the bonus he got, because it's really low amount...
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    Coach* Struggling on coaching course

    Hello everyone, I'm in the 2nd season of my game, 4 of my coaches are struggling in coaching courses, i thought of given them some time, but apparently after almost a year it keeps aware me about that issue (which become annoying). I tried to google the problem I'm facing, I found many threads...
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    South America staff

    Hello everyone, To this game I'm a newbie. I already started a new game with large database. I also would like to be able to find staff from South America. In the staff search I couldn't find any Brazilian staff member (i found only 1). Maybe there is an option before starting the game that i...
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    Can't score

    Hello everyone, Edit: I think i posted this thread in a wrong section maybe? if so, please move it and sorry for that. Recently, I started to play FM15 and I really like it. but still, it doesn't make sense that every time my players just cannot score. As a former semi professional footballer...
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    4-1-2-1-2 - Blackpool tactics - need your advice please (kinda desperate)

    Hey everyone, i started a new season at Blackpool, now i am on my second season the first season i ended at 13 place: now at the second season it seams like things not changed and i have a great players this is my tactic and all my players: full backs - support cb - rdoi is a stopper and...
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    Need help please.. :\

    i am kinda new at this game.. i singed at my 2nd season 3 players.. and they are at CTR without contract?! why? :\ i remembered i singen them till 2015 and when i enter to their contract appears me Started at 1.1.2012 ended: N\A please i need your help.. :\ btw: sorry about my English.
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    please help, many question's about FM2011

    hallo everyone, i'm new at FM2011 and i have many question about the game.. i didn't knew where to put it so i put the thread here (sorry if i over the rules). i take blackpool at my first season i ended at the 11th and i stayed at the league.. i bought many players.. now i want to sell player...