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    Serie A thread 2012/2013

    Its a new season, so thought I'd create a new thread for Serie A. Post rumours, results, transfers (and the general insanity of Italian football) Websites: Football Italia - Serie A news, fixtures, results, and all the latest Italian football information SPORT - La Gazzetta dello Sport
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    A small Guide to Italian language widely used in football.

    Welcome to my small guide on Italian words and phrases which make up a large part of footballing vocabulary, when explaining tactics and many small aspects of the game. I hope it's helpful as I've seen a few people on the forums, asking what certain terms mean. I will keep the guide small...
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    Team your most excited to watch next season 2012/2013

    I'm eagerly anticipating the new Premier League season, and was wondering who everyone was most excited to see next season?
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    Helenio Herrera Grande Inter Recreation Tactic

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPRxmTtbnWg&feature=channel_video_title This is catenaccio - the sweeper system in full effect. The brainchild of the great Herrera, it might not have been pretty but it was effective. This defence was like a locked door. The team was not without creativity...
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    The English Job- England vs Italy

    The English Job | Football Italia Thought this was an interesting blog. Writer: Susy Campanale The English Job When Italy were paired with England in Euro 2012, Susy Campanale’s heart sank, but it had precious little to do with the football. I am, like many of our regular readers on this...
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    Barcelona's Pep Guardiola 'on brink of leaving club'

    BBC Sport - Barcelona's Pep Guardiola 'on brink of leaving club' Massive news. Any thoughts on what he'll do next, and who the next manager will be?
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    Who was the best footballer of all time?

    Can only hope that the players I picked people agree with, or at least to a certain extent. Any suggestions for who I should've picked instead are always welcome. I tried to be unbiased about the country of origin of the players, but I couldn't really help having numerous brazilian players.
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    5 European Cups/ CL in a Row

    Hi :) European Cup & Champions League History 1955-2012 I thought I'd add this challenge because it's something that I'm beginning to try with (an undecided club at this time) and the challenge is to repeat what the Real Madrid did in the first 5 years of the trophy between the years...
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    Man Management Thread

    I thought it'd be a good idea to set up a thread so people could put up advice about man management on FM. I think its a part of FM thats not discussed enough and could probably help people get much better at the game. So for instance how do you do your: Team Talks Team Meetings How often and...
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    USSR Championship

    NOTE: THIS IS NOT MY DATABASE- ALL CREDIT GOES TO: Yury Solomatin Found this awsome database on the SI forums, and thought everyone deserves to see it, definitly would go perfectly with the http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/challenges-scenarios/91783-eastern-bloc-challenge.html The guy has put a...
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    The Best Manager Ever?

    I've decided to create a poll to decide who people think is the best manager ever. In my selection of the shortlist (of which I hope everyone agrees with?) I've taken into account both success in trophies and medals as well as tactical innovations, and have tried to take into account both...
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    How do you create a poll?

    Hi sorry to sound stupid but how do you do it? I've clicked post a poll and put in the number of options, but how do i add the words to go along with the options? Thanks
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    Rangers into liquidation before the season ends?

    Rangers owner Craig Whyte admits he sold four years' worth of season tickets to keep Ibrox club running - The Daily Record So it turns out most of the evidence produced by BBC Scotland could well be true and it looks like Rangers Football club could owe even more than the HMRC bill. I don't...
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    The Brian Clough Challenge.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxsRt2yG8Es http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqAZsoF-ghw&feature=related Nicknamed Big head and seen as the best manager England never had. Brian Clough was Charismatic, outspoken and often controversial. I fully recommend reading about him was an amazing manager...
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    3-4-3 Sweeper Tactic

    This is my first tactic that is not based on a previous formation by a famous team, part of my recreation series of tactics, it's my own idea. It is sort of like the old style catenaccio tactics in Italian football in the 1960's and 1970's in that it uses a sweeper behind two central defenders...
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    USSR & Yugoslavia- Leagues and National Sides Database

    I’ve created both the National Sides and League Structures of the old communist regimes of the USSR and Yugoslavia: This includes making changes to the players who play for national sides, the clubs, cities (and regions) etc. As well as creating the league systems with all the different clubs...
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    Expanding a league system? USSR and Yugoslavian Leage and NT

    Hi, I've managed to create the leagues of Yugoslavia and the old USSR, however I need someone to help me expand the league systems of Russia and Serbia from 16 teams to 20. Can anyone help me with this, so I can expand the systems? I've also managed to create Yugoslav national side: (Croatia...
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    Changing National Teams?

    Is it possible to change national teams? I want to create the old Yugoslavia and USSR leagues as well as they're national sides. I know the leagues and competitions are possible, however is it possible to change the national sides, merging Ukranian and Russian, Croat and Serbian etc? Would be...
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    Diósgyőri VTK- The restoration of Hungarian Football

    The Hungarian football team of the 1950’s redefined the sport of soccer, revolutionising the way the game was approached and breaking records by the bucket load. Between June 1950 and the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 the Magnificent Magyars compiled a competitive record of forty-two wins...
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    Recreation Tactic: The Invincibles (Arsenal)

    After many requests for me to re-create this tactic of this brilliant team- I've decided to do it, and hopefully give that briliant team the justice they so deserve. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyRy0C9dxe8&feature=player_embedded (Made for top tier teams) Arsenal's 2003-2004 team An...