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    The long road to success

    This save is being run using a custom database found on another site which includes all 22 levels on the English football pyramid. I'll be going in with a National B license and the lowest possible former playing experience. Chapter one:Getting a job One of my ambitions in life is to be a...
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    De Koningen van Nederland

    VV G.O.E.S Voetbalvereniging Gezamenlijk Opwaarts Eendrachtig Sterk Goes, pronounced Hoos, is a small coastal town with a population of around 30,000 in the province of Zeeland in the Southern Netherlands. It's not a town with any remarkable history, nor does it stand out in the modern day...
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    Promotion/relegation places don't add up

    I'm trying to activate some of the lower leagues already in the FM database, English Regional Premiers, Dutch Tweede Divisie etc and I've hit a stumbling block with the German divisions. The number of relegated teams from the German Third Division is fixed at three, so naturally I set the...
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    Forging my own path

    As a child I loved football. I was taken to my first game aged just five and I was hooked. Like all young kids who are obsessed with football, I dreamt of playing for my country, scoring the winning goal in a cup final and representing my favourite team. Unfortunately, my ability didn't match...
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    Ghost goals

    I currently have a couple of saves on the go and I'm having an issue in both, in fact it's an issue I've had in pretty much every game I've started in FM12. Ghost goals. I've never been a big fan of watching the game as I always get frustrated when I see my keeper stand on the edge of the area...
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    The realisation of a dream

    I will be using Hewitsons Scottish Pyramid System database. I will also be using this post to keep track of awards and trophies. With the fall from grace of Rangers opening up the potential of Celtic dominating Scottish football for the foreseeable future, the general consensus amongst...
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    Great Britain..great manager?

    In the beginning I knew it would be hard. An un-tested, inexperienced manager is always going to have a hard time finding a managerial position, especially as I'd only just acquired my final coaching badges. Unlike a lot of new managers and coaches I was prepared to start right at the very...
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    Student in the game

    As the train approached the station I slid my book into my bag and reflected that it probably wasn't a good thing that I could still name all the stop on this journey even though I hadn't traveled the line regularly for five years or so. I slung my bag over my shoulder and went through my usual...