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    windows 7 post pics

    hi ive tryed to look if these an answer on here but couldn`t find one so can anyone help im now on windows 7 and everytime i try to print a screen of the game then use paint to post it it just brings up a screen of my desktop not the screen on fm10? any ideas im probley doing something simple...
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    adebayor back in an arsenal shirt??

    just seen this on a skysports website don`t think id be happy if i was a city fan!;) i mean what heres waring not what he`s saying. http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,26691,16426_5855427,00.html
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    liverpool could sell gerrard and torres?

    just read this on skysports web page what do you think any truth in it? personally i can`t see any of them going to city if liverpool don`t finsh in the top 4, but maybe madrid or barca ? if this is a double postsorry but i couldn`t find one !:P...
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    fm2010 players for £0

    These probley a thread for this already or you all will know this but just incase:- if you goto search then filter and set you max price at £0 you`ll get a list of players some of which are vauled up to nearly £3mill for £0 these are players that the other clubs have set there asking price at £0...
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    just like watching brazil!!

    what do think of this classy performance ? rainford is like the next ronaldinho?:O murray the next pele`?lolXD our goalkeeper the next cesar?oO) http://www.chelmsfordcityfootballclub.co.uk/
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    'Liverpool and Manchester United and arsenal and chelski- Argue here'

    It seems there is a need for a thread like this so that all the arguements between the supports of the top 4 can have there say and keep other threads clear! yes i got the idea from a billyredups post! i`ll start will we see a pen for an away team at old trafford this season? i dowt it! will...
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    Anderson out!!

    just read on daily star website fergie n anderson have had a fallout n andersons on his way out anyone heard out about it? probley true his **** anyway so won`t make much of a diffrence to man u but can`t see them getting anywhere near the 20mill they paid! unless city want him!8-|
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    jamie edge? help

    As u all know chris22 is doing a v6 update and i`ve ask if he can included jamie edge who join arsenal from cheltnham recently the only probs is i can`t find any solid info on him i know he`s about 15-16 and is a CB but would like to get his real D.O.B if u rate him as wonderkid or hot prospect...
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    nasri broken leg !

    nasri has broken his leg in training and will now miss start of the season! great start for us then!
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    should i sell some first team players and give these young guns a shoot?

    I`m in the year 2011 got a great first team squad of 30+ players which are playing ok together i`ve been buying in young players from the start for my u18 squad and some of them are 18 now and are scoring for fun and they have played well in my first team on cup game ect but i want to try them...
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    Kaka has Real medical

    kaka set to sign for real tonight? at ground having medical as we speak!
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    Lavezzi makes Reds claim

    lavezzi insists that liverpool have made a concete bid! thought they were short on funds maybe not? sorry just checked after 3 threads yep there is a transfer thread!sorry
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    Vermaelen 'heading to Gunners'

    arsenal about to sign ajax defender for 11mill! according to skysports! we need someone but is he the right man for the job?
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    antonio valencia to manu or real? 16mill

    wigan get bids of over 16m+ from real madrid and manu! where will he go? i think manu! what about you?
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    richards n lescott swap??

    man city offer cash + richards to everton for lescott ? i would defo! but what about u?
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    kaka £65 mill to madrid?

    http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_5360176,00.html is this true?? someone else has post sorry can close this one!
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    legends database!

    This a database of legends inc graphics files! not mine found it on another website i can`t find it on here so if anyone wants it let me know? he`s some screens! ONLY WORKS ON 9.3 web add:http://www.fmgames.net/
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    arsenal or liverpool?

    At the moment arsenal i feel are getting alot of stick people are saying that we have had a really bad season we need to buy ect! i remmember people on here saying that villa were going to finsh above us ect! Then all i here is how well liverpool have done how far they`ve come ect! what i...
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    championship playoff final!

    who will win! burnley or sheff utd? i want burnley myself but what about u?<) can`t find this thread anywhere if these one already soz!
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    who will win the prem poll!

    if this thread exsits then sorry but i can`t find it! who will win vote...... now!