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  1. J

    The Story of James Clements- Voting Thread

    Simple post. Who should I manage in my new save? Arsenal England Unemployed Challenge Champions League Challenge
  2. J

    I'm back!

    This is my 1st post in 4 and a half months. Some of you may know me but I reckon their will be a lot of new people on this site. I would like to say Hello to everyone.
  3. J

    Yet Another Champions League Challenge

    Ultimate Champions League Challenge you say? In tribute to the biggest prize in club football this challenge has been created The Aim: The aims of this challenge is to win the Champions League with all 22 previous winners of the trophy. Once you win it with a club you can leave and join...
  4. J

    PE Cool Downs

    Hello, Tomorrow I have to teach a small group of year 10's(my year) for hockey in Sports Leadership. Does anyone have any suggestions for and cool downs. I have stretching and jogging but I need one more. Please help me!
  5. J

    2 Minute Silence

    I would like to say well done to all of you who didn't post for 2 minutes between 11:00 and 11:02. Well Done FM-Base!!! We will not forget!
  6. J

    Europe- The Alphabet Challenge

    Europe- The Alphabet Challenge (couldn't find Wales, Scotland, N Ireland and Serbia) Welcome to the European Alphabet Challenge! In this Challenge, you must make your way through each country in alphabetical order. Rules 1- You must start in the 2nd tier of Austria 2- You must start wth...
  7. J

    Fifa 13 Xbox League

    Hello FM Base Fifa players, There will be 12 spaces available. Each player will play each other twice. Once you have played everyone twice, the league will be split in half. The top 6 will play each other twice and the bottom six will play each other twice. Once all the league games have been...
  8. J

    Going where destiny takes me- The Story of James Clements

    I started unemployed and got offered a job from Havant & Waterlooville. Currently sitting in a rather disappointing 20th after 10 games with 8 points. 2 wins, 2 draws and 6 defeats. The two wins were against Bromley and Weston-Super-Mare. The two draws were against Bath and Hayes & Yeading. The...
  9. J

    The Story of James Clements- Voting Thread

    Hello FM-Base and welcome to my story thread for FM13. I haven't got the game yet but when I do I will start a story. All I need is your help on who I should manage. Here is my shortlist on who I want to manage. Rangers There in Division 3 so it would be a challenge to get them back to the SPL...
  10. J

    The rise of Swansea City

    This is my story about Swansea City. These are my budget options: I have chose a mid-table finish which gives me a transfer budget of £11m and a wage budget of £375k p/w. I will be using a 4-2-3-1 that I have created. I am using LFC Marshall's latest update so Alex Song is at Barcelona...
  11. J

    Question about editing

    Is there a way to merge nations together in the editor? Please can you reply quick. Thanks!
  12. J

    Newcastle 1st season

    Who should I buy in the 1st season as Newcastle? I have a budget of £18.2m. I am using The Football Manager Whizzkids update from the 9th August 2012. Any suggestions are welcomed.
  13. J

    Long Term Challenge

    Hi, I am looking for a challenge which should last me until FM13 comes out. I would like a long term game. Any ideas please? ASAP as I am looking to start tonight.
  14. J

    Smash Or Pass Game

    SMASH OR PASS: Welcome to the FM-Base Smash Or Pass Game. In this thread I will post a picture and you must say whether you want to SMASH the person in the picture or PASS them. After 3 comments I will post the next picture: So here we go the 1st picture is: Following her gold medal at the...
  15. J

    Arsenal- February 2014

    Hello, I am currently managing Arsenal but I would like to make some major changes in the transfer window when it opens. This is my current senior squad(not including regans). GK: Hugo Lloris Damian Martinez DR: Bacary Sagna Carl Jenkinson DC: Thomas Vermaelen Kyle Bartely Ignasi Miquel DL...
  16. J

    Team GB

    Team GB Football Thread: This is the thread for the Team GB football team. Team GB Squad: Jack Butland (Birmingham), Jason Steele (Middlesbrough); Ryan Bertrand (Chelsea), Steven Caulker (Tottenham), Craig Dawson (West Brom), Micah Richards (Manchester City), Neil Taylor (Swansea), James...
  17. J

    Flying for Glory at the Emirates

    Note to Readers: I have already completed 1 and a half seasons on this save so the updates will just be key screenshots for the season. I am using LFC's update and this will be my LAST story until FM13 is out...
  18. J

    A new era at the Emirates Stadium

    A new era at the Emirates Stadium Arsenal are one of the best teams in the world but have been unable to win anything since the 2005 FA Cup. Their style of play is entertaining. Their young team will be one of the best in a few years’ time. But the big question is when will Arsenal finally end...
  19. J

    We're Gunner win trophies

    Wenger retires due to health conditions: Arsene Wenger has retired from football due to health conditions. Immediately his successor was reveled. It was James Clements. Arsenal captain Robin van Persie told Arsenal.com that hearing the news about Mr. Wenger is a big disappointment and that all...
  20. J

    PS3- FM Base Championship

    Hello, I am starting up a Fifa League and would like 11 more people to take part. How is it going to be ran? This is going to be a league and cup format. League Format: Each team will play each other twice. The top 8 will go through to the cup rounds. Cup Format: 1v8 2v7 3v6 4v5 4 go through...