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    FM19 Leaderboards

    For some reason the "Show Yourself" function on the leaderboard isn't working. Any ideas why? It worked fine in FM18 and I do not have any custom databases loaded.
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    New Laptop

    I am in the market for a new laptop and have my eye on an Alienware laptop. Looking for advice from anyone tech orientated to see if it's a good upgrade. This is what I have at the moment Dell XPS 15 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5-2410M processor 2.30 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 2.90 GHz...
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    Bayern 2nd Season

    Planning on playing a 4-3-3 and have 80m to spend. SK - Neuer CD - Boateng CD - WBR - Lahm WBL - Alaba/Bernat DLP - Alonso/Schweinsteiger CM - Hojbjerg/Gaudino CM - Thiago DLFR - Muller/Robben DLFC - Lewandowski DLFL - Gotze/Ribery Any recommendations welcome
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    AC Milan 1st Season

    Planning on playing a 4-3-3 and after clearing out the deadwood I have 45 million to spend. I have only kept a handful of players SK - Lopez CD - Rami CD - Alex WBR - De Sciglio WBL - DLP - Montolivo CM - Van Ginkel CM - Poli DLFR - DLFC - Destro DLFL - Really looking for young talent...
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    Using Reserve Matches for Match Fitness

    Current playing as Celtic in the SPL. For some reason I don't have the option to make a player in the 1st team available for reserves until match fit. The option is greyed out. Any ideas?
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    Southampton 2nd Season

    After winning a treble in my first season I am now looking to improve the squad for taking on the Champions League next season. Currently playing with Mr L's Counter Ninjas which is a 2-5-2-1 formation. GK (SK) - Boruc/Gazzaniga - The backup keeper will be leaving the club. Boruc had a good...
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    Goals From Set Pieces

    Quick question to see if anyone else has had this problem. Using a 442 tactic from this site with a built in corner routine. First two seasons my CB scored over 15 goals from corners. My forwards also banged in a few from them too. Now in my 3rd season I'm not scoring at all from corners...
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    The Rangers Revival

    The Rangers Revival First time trying this so any feedback please let me know (K) All the talk in Scotland just now is how Rangers are going to storm through the divisions back to the top all in consecutive years . I want to see if that's what will happen. Targets 1st season - win the 3rd...
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    Steam Not Updating

    For some reason steam will not download the patches for the game. I am definitely online and when I search for updates it says there are none. Anyone else had this problem? All previous versions on steam have patched automatically with no problems.
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    Advice on Buying a New Laptop......

    Quick question for anybody who knows their stuff when it comes to laptops. I'm looking for a new laptop mainly to play online games and to run football manager on a high spec. My current laptop does play FM ok but with one league loaded and a small database the best performance rating I get is...
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    Most Goals From One Player in One Game?

    This is the most I've seen in one of my games this year. Should be noted it was against lesser opposition in the cup :P Anyone had more?
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    I've just upgraded my phone contract to the Iphone 3. Just arrived and notice that it is only 8gb. I got the phone primarily for fm handheld and music but I'm worried the memory won't handle both with some apps. Can anyone give an Iphone noob some advice before I send the **** thing back to...
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    Phil Jones for 11 million??

    Started a Chelsea save and trying to bring in some good young English talent. Got to contract stage but I'm having second thoughts - never had him before but seen him do well in other saves but is he worth 11 million?
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    Bahrudin Atajic

    Just completed a successful season with Celtic and came across this young player. His stats aren't great but has done really well in the dozen or so games I have played him in. Have used him as a backup for Scott Brown mainly because there was no one else available to buy at the start of my...
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    Best Price for FM11

    The missus has been looking online to order me the new fm for christmas and she found it on the HMV website for £14.99! Just thought I'd share it with you guys who haven't bought it yet - however few that might be ;)
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    Tugs Training Youth Schedules

    i've finally decided to have a go at training in fm (usually just ignore it) and a mate recommended tugs training. I've downloaded and put into correct folder and I have no problems with the normal schedules but when I try to select the youth ones they are greyed out on the list. Any ideas??
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    Just wondering what I am doing wrong.... I have downloaded kits for scottish teams & the english premiership and championship and they work fine but when I try and download ones for teams like milan, real madrid etc.. they dont. any ideas????
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    Anyone know how to copy and post a screenshot?? Would like to give feedback to someone who posted a tactic but get seem to figure it out :S