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  1. J

    The best MacBook Skins for 19

    Apologies if in the wrong place, or been posted before. can anybody recommend skins suitable for MacBooks. Ive downloaded a few, but none seem to fit properly.
  2. J

    Struggling to settle in a game

    Currently going through a struggle of trying to settle with a team, after a long lower league save. So with the help of the FM Base community, I would like you to choose my next one. Pinky swear i'll stick with it
  3. J

    Best skins for MacBook

    haven't posted here for a long time so not sure if I'm posting in the correct place. Apologies if i am wrong. But im struggling to find a decent clean custom skin for my MacBook. Does anybody have any reccomendations? Thanks in advance
  4. J

    Online Game

    Looking to start an online game today with one or two commited others. Any leagues welcome
  5. J

    The best skins for 15

    is it me or is there much less decent skins than the previous years? im struggling to find one i really like. What are everyones favourite skins for this series? i prefer the non icon ones personally so any suggestions are appreciated
  6. J

    Online Game now

    Looking to start a 1 v 1 online game starting as soon as possible.. i'm open to playing top leagues in all of the following, England, Holland, Germany, Italy and Portugal... You choose where we play. Add me on Steam: Juniorinho10 ill be on all day
  7. J

    Online Game tonight asap

    Looking for just one player for a 1 v 1, that can play on sundays, mon and tues days.... prefer experience at online games, and people that are reliable. add me on steam if your up for it Juniorinho10 . Open to league suggestions
  8. J

    Celtic FC - Not even Messi can Messi with Us (Part 2)

    So after last years failure of not winning the CL in the 5 year limit (http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-manager-stories/110947-celtic-fc-not-even-messi-can-messi-us.html) and the release of the SPL kits download i am going to have another crack at it..... This one will be...
  9. J

    .XML Parsing error

    Great, now have a parsing error, which i am unable to fix as im unable to find the settings folder? I have tried the way of 13 but its not there, is there any suggestions guys or has anyone experienced this and managed to fix it?
  10. J

    SPL Kits (Not sure where to post this)

    Im looking for SPL Kits so i can start my Celtic story, can anyone help? Sorry if i posted in the wrong place... i know its a subject of kits and normally would be in the graphics section but as its FM 14 i thought i'd stick it here
  11. J

    France CFA League kits (or just AS CANNES)

    Has anybody found these anywhere... I've been searching for weeks now and still no luck. Hoping someone has a secret link somewhere???
  12. J

    Kits for AS Cannes

    I want to start a game as AS Cannes but im a ***** when it comes to teams without the real kits. Is there a link available for download. Please help
  13. J

    Blue Square North/South Kits

    Ive been searching everywhere for these but have had no luck in finding them... Has anybody else seen them, or have a link available. Cheers
  14. J

    Cambridge United - The rise from the forgotten

    WELCOME TO MY CAMBRIDGE UNITED STORY " Today we regret to announce the imminent sacking of Richard Money, due to a bad run of results. We, as an ambitious club, felt that Richard's time had run out. We are pleased though to announce the appointment of the fairly well known Junior Conway, and...
  15. J

    Need help with next story

    Needed to take a break from my original 'Celtic F.C - Not Even Messi can Messi with us' as the Scottish Premier League gets tedious after a while... So, im looking to start a new 2nd save, to keep the enthusiasm alive. Problem is i'm stuck with who i want to start as. So for the next hour i will...
  16. J

    Commited online players only!!!

    I need a break from my Celtic story ,so looking to start an online game, but only with commited players. Happy to do any league, open to suggestions... Looking to start as soon as possible. Looking for 1 or 2 players. But remember only add me on steam if you play properly and dont leave after...
  17. J

    Celtic FC - Not even Messi can Messi with us

    26th December 2012 "In bizarre fashion Celtic manager Neil Lennon has found his contract with the club terminated with immediate effect. In the weekends game against there fierce rivals, RANGERS, Lennon was jeered by a section of Rangers fans behind his dugout, he then proceeded to jump in to...
  18. J

    celtic new 3rd kit

    Sorry if im posting in the wrong place, but is there a download for celtics new 3rd kit? and also are all 2012 downloads still available?
  19. J

    new game asap... open to any league

    Gonn astart a game as soon as i can get another player today. open to any league suggestions... new challenges are better
  20. J

    Top 4 EPL game starts tonight 9.30pm

    Starting tonight, no more than 4 players so 3 spaces left to play the epl as one of the top 4 sides. Man Utd are taken so either chelsea, man city or arsenal left. game will start 9.30pm gmt. Join my hamachi network name: juniorcfm2012 Password: celtic