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    Jeremy Doku

    Anyone else feel like this guy is a world-beater? Absolutely phenomenal for me at the momeny
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    Anyway to change tactics to fluid?

    Just for testing purposes?
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    Tactic testing?

    Best way to do it?
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    4 (3) - 5 (3) - 3 - Tactical help

    Hi guys, Just thought that I should ask for some advice on a tactic that I've been working on. Main principles are to hold possession and to obviously suffocate the other team. I've had trouble when playing against the larger sides. Would anyone care to venture a guess as to how/why that could...
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    Hi, Trying to create something along the lines of a 3-5-1-1 and defensively I have been quite solid. What (in your opinion) is the best front 2. I'm currently using a SS with DLF (S) - it seems to be working okay but I"m not scoring near enough. \Any ideas?
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    Sergi Roberto - Cheap Maestro

    This player is quality from the beginning of the game - I don't know why he doesn't get spoken about more. I'm currently in 2017. Loaned him to QPR, got me 5 goals and 3 assists from 38 games. I moved to Napoli and bought him for 3.8m (cheap). Two seasons in and they have looked like this...
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    The Arsene Wenger [A tactical discussion][Creating tactic]

    Arsene Wenger is undeniably a very good coach (tactically and economically!). So how has he been so successful whilst being so shrewd with his money? That's what this is for. I want to try and emulate his style in FM14! First stage: Understanding everything about his tactics! I will be...
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    Get it while it's hot.

    Belfodil from InterMilan. Striker. I haven't played into the game too much, but I know he's a quality player. Really tall, good technique. Quite young as well.
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    Tactic Tester?

    I need someone who would be willing to test my tactic(s) for me, and provide feedback as to what needs to be improved. It's an tactic based on my own philosophy, 3 strong midfield players who control the entire field, with two wingers who push forward and score goals as well as creating chances...
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    What is happening :(

    Creating a tactic, working wonderfully. Defense was tight, attack was incredible. Even tho I'm not letting in too many (Seasons almost finished, only conceded like 14), my attacks petered out, which has resulted in draws/narrow losses. Quite frustrating. I'm not sure what to use my Striker, I...
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    James McCarthy

    Has anybody else used him? In my Wigan save he's been a rock defensively, whilst contributing to the attack. I have hindered his development somewhat by playing him in a defensive position, but this kid is quality. Was part of a League winning team. Here's a ss of his in my save:
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    Utilizing a CF behind the 'nine'?

    I was analyzing Barcelona vs AC Milan (Second leg), and I noticed how Barcelona played villa as a number 9, with Messi playing in behind him. This confused the defenders a great deal, as they couldn't mark both Messi and Villa without breaking their defensive line. What this did was allow Messi...
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    Replacement for Kone/Di Santo

    Playing with Wigan (Obviously :p) Kone is getting injured constantly, even tho his workload is very little. I am rotating my strikers (5 of them), so it's not fatigue either. I am just wondering if there was a good replacement for him? Playing as an AF. Also, Di Santo has been playing well...
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    Need advice on multiple things - Passing, defending and attacking

    I'm using Wigan. Trying to keep Roberto playing style as that's what I prefer. First things first. I am playing a 5-2-1-2,as you can see below: The players sometimes make really, really stupid passes. I can see the through ball that will send one of the strikers on goal and for some reason...
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    Would anyone be kind enough to help me create training schedules for my players?
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    Wigan - The road to glory!

    Club name: Wigan Athletic Football Club Nickname: Latics Founding year: 1932 Ground name: DW Stadium Manager: Rasheed Sheikh-Omar The Story Wigan Athletic Football Club is an English professional football club based in Wigan, Greater Manchester. Since 2005, the club has competed in the Premier...
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    How do these guys turn out?

    Kurt Zouma - Saint Etienne Samuel Umtiti - Olympique Lyonnais Jores Okore - FC Nordsjælland Dedryck Boyata - Man city Would love to see :p
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    Hey all! My names Rasheed, and I'm from Australia. I've been playing FM for quite some time now. A little about my ideologies in football: I believe in a possession game, with a lot of direct passes. I'll post a thread on my wigan ideology in a bit :p