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    Season 2019/20 New Kits

    As the new season approaches, I would really like to update my graphics but am struggling to find any of the new club kits for FM19. I don't have the skills or time to create my own, but would like to know any sources that I can keep an eye on for them. Any suggestions - am looking...
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    2018-19 Kits for FM18

    I have had a look around but can't see any anywhere yet - unless I am looking in the wrong places. Are there any kit packs, or individual kits for that matter, with the 2018-19 season new kits for FM18? I would like as many as possible, but primarily, EPL but more specifically, Man Utd, City...
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    Offering Players in Exchange

    How do you offer a player in exchange when making a transfer bid? I get the drop-down that allows me to offer players that re transfer listed but can't add the 'Other Player in Squad'? Also, making an offer for Moussa Dembele, in he January window, was going to offer to let him stay at Celtic...
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    Closing Down Corner Takers

    I have a defend corner set up in the TC with a player set to Close Down Taker, but during the game, there is never a player closing down the taker. I a trying to set up a defensive routine that encourages a fast counter attack if we win the ball but what I try in the TC doesn't seem to happen...
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    Serie A Match Squad

    Just started my first save in Serie A, get to he first league match, and find I can carry 12 subs on the bench? That's pretty much my whole first team squad. I usually start lower league and run a career save, but the game gave me AC Milan when asked to 'Pick a team for me'. Used to find it...
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    Who Else Drains the Wage Budget?

    Got a bit of situation I cant work out here. At start of season expectations, Board says no transfer revenue will be made available in the budget. That's OK, we are Debt-Ridden and Cash-strapped according to the press. According to my calculations, total player wages out of the budget leaves...
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    Haaving a Mind Blank - Loan Players from a TEam Report

    When you ask your scout to provide a team report, and they cme back it hthe email saying 'Players Available fr loan will appear in the Scouting Centre' where in the scouting centre can I see them? Feeling dumb as it used to be fairly easy.
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    Player Suitbalility 'Discs'

    I am talking about the little green/orange/red discs that appear next to he players role/duty to indicate how comfortable they are in that role. I guess my question is how much notice do other managers take of them? Currently in a save with Morecambe, I have Reece Deakin on the left wing...
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    Signing Staff.....

    In my first season at Morecambe (now in Nat League) and we need a full set of u18 coaching staff. Board won;t allow me to spend more than 300pw on wages, and 4.5k on bonuses - Cannot get ANYONE to sign for those wages. Negotiations will always start with them asking for 425pw, and I have got...
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    Opening Music

    Anyone know how I can turn it off?
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    Can't Talk to Players - or they refuse to talk to me

    OK, I am only just into the 2nd season of this save and have just taken over Morecambe, having taken Aveley to the playoffs. I have a newly relegated club in the National League, looking strong. I have three players in the squad, all unhappy at 'not being considered part of the future plans', I...
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    Altering Stadium design in the game

    I'm not sure if this is possible in the current save or if it is a database alteration that only comes in with a new save but i remember years ago beingg able to alter the design/style of the stadium in the game. Having downloaded the England Level 10 DB for a LLM save, I would like to make my...
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    Question RE: additional leagues in FM18

    Am about to install FM 18 (my birthday present every year from daughters!) and would like to unlock lower leagues to play. I have seen downloads for Scottish LLs, and English LLs plus Irish and Welsh. I also like to use the real names fix to keep things real. I have never fully understood the...
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    German Lower LEague Kits

    I have just started a new save, setting myself a new challenge - team predicted to finish of the lowest playable league in a country I haven't managed in before. All hail the new manager of: Sportfreunde Lotte. Heading for dead last in 3.Fussball-Liga. Now, my question really is: Is there...
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    Some Help with disabling Social feed?

    I am feeling a complete numpty but I have started a new save in the lower German leagues, and I can't for the life of me remember how I disable the social feed - or at least the annoying weekly forced read of it. I mean when you 'Continue' and it automatically takes you to the feed? Where the...
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    2017/18 Kits for FM17?

    Just started a new ssave in FM17, when I get to 2nd season (17/18) in the next couple of weeks, is there anywhere I can get and import current IRL (17/18) kits into the game?
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    Playing AGAINST a Man-Marking style

    Just a quick question: If the opposition employ man-marking, what is the best way (TI or PI) to create space for your players?
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    scouting help?

    I am struggling to find 'better' players than current squad using the new scouting system in FM15. my scouts decent ratings for the level I am playing at and I assign at least one scout to the league above. All the reports that come in are players rated the same as I already have. If, for...
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    Current Ability vs Attributes ?

    I spend a lot of time looking at player attributes, and would like to ask those who know: When judging a player (before buying say) and comparing his attributes against my current squad, often, the attributes for the role/duty I am looking at will outstrip my current player in that position -...
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    Promising Youth being Poached

    Only in my second season, in VConference, and have just lost two of my most promising players to Scunthorpe Utd. Both were 16 yrs old, both on youth contract, and both gone for the paltry amount of 8K ! How can I stop my best youngsters from being poached?