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    Goal scoring machine urgently needed for Havant & Waterlooville - BSS

    Hi guys, I have recently started a save unemployed with experience set as Sunday League. I applied for every job going to see who will give me my shot at management. My chance came when Havant & Waterlooville came knocking at my door. So far all is going well, I am at the end of January in...
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    Hi,Please can someone give me a link to down load the lower leagues also with what patch to use, I have tried a few but I keep getting messages relating to a problems with the rules. I would like to go down to at least Tier 9.Link to team logo's for lower leagues would be greatly appreciated...
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    Creating a New Team From The Past - Clapham Rovers FC - Lower League to Premiership

    I have been thinking to set myself a new challenge by creating my own club and starting in the lower level leagues, probably L8. The club I decided I will create are called Clapham Rovers who were originally founded back in 1869 but dissolved in 1892, winning the FA Cup in 1879-80. They are a...
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    Help with Northwood FC

    I have started a game managing Northwood who are currently in the English Southern League First Division (8 Tier). I have just won promotion to tier 7, but am really struggling to find any decent players, I mainly need a real goal machine who will cost me no more than £130 per week, with a...