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    wrong scheduled dates

    Hi guys. I am curious if you have noticed the same bug. I have created a custom world league (like champions league with 2 rounds of KO games and then a group stage etc) and a world cup series with the existing real life competitions. the thing is that ONLY in my world league the scheduled games...
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    Real stats

    Hi guys Is there anyone to tell me if and if not why the game doesnt include european or cup competition stats? I mean it says at the press conference for example " what can you say about the player who reached 100 apperence" , while if you see his stats have given 30 more at european and rest...
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    Barcelona B team

    Hi guys So after a very succesfull year with a mid size team i got the proposal from there and notice that nt only the have some great feeder options clubs like feyenord amd cska but also barcelona b team has also top quality i would be interesting from your experience to...
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    training moves

    guys where i should go in order my players to learn new moves?what i have to do?
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    possesion of a game

    guys can you help me a bit.i have problems of obtaining possesion throughtout a can i change this?what should i check in order to take this advantage?