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    Battering Rams - A Derby County story

    Derby County Fabio Cannavaro takes over at Derby After Steve McClaren stepped down as county boss late last night, Derby have acted quickly in finding a replacement for the ex England manager. That man is Italy's 2006 world cup winning captain, Fabio Cannavaro. Cannavaro signed a 1 year deal...
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    Help & Suggestions !

    Hello everyone im back after a little break from FM and decided to hop back onto this wonderful site. Anyway i was just wondering whether to start a new story on here. Would anyone like to see me make another story (if anyone is reading this XD) and if so who shall i be ? I havent played FM for...
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    Gunning For Glory- An Arsenal story

    Arsenal FC club statement Today we can confirm that manager Arsene Wenger has the left the club and confirmed his retirement from the game at the age of 64 and being with the club since 1996. Wenger had this to say " Today i am officially retiring from football management, i have enjoyed every...
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    What team would you love to see a story for?

    Hi fellow FM players i have recently become slightly bored of FM :O and haven't been able to enjoy a save so i thought id make this thread ( Sorry if in wrong section :S ) but i'm asking what teams have you enjoyed playing with or what teams would you love to see a story made on. As i feel if...
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    FM14 BPL facepack on Steam Workshop

    Hello i have just downloaded the BPL's club badges from the steam workshop which is accessible via the FM14 menu by clicking on the tab downloads so once i did that i looked for BPL facepacks only too find out there were no BPL ones on there so would anyone be kind enough to create or put one on...
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    Championship teams

    Hello as my second save i wanna do a Championship save and wondering what teams you found fun and what teams have fairly large budgets apart from Q.P.R and Wigan as they seem easy and boring so thanks in advance :D
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    We will never die !- Portsmouth F.C story

    The return of the Pompey story Hello everyone this is the return of my Portsmouth story this time on Football Manager 2014, last year some of you may remember my Portsmouth story where i one League 2 in my first season with Portsmouth and started off life in League 1 but it didn't last as...
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    Sunderland - Life after Paolo

    Introduction Hello everyone im hoping fingers crossed this will be my last FM13 save i know i said my Blackburn one would be but i was having a problem with my game and i was unable to load up or start new games on FM so i made a thread asking for help and i tried a few of the tips and no luck...
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    loading new game problem

    Hello so im trying to load up a new save selected all my leagues and then it goes to the set up right where it loads up for a few minutes but i get like half way through in the it stops and shuts down FM and comes up with one of them frickin crash dump things so i cant load up a new game is this...
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    The final FM13 chapter- Blackburn Rovers

    Introduction Hello all if any of you followed my Fulham story where i won the Premier League in my first season and my Portsmouth story which i have got bored of so decided i would do one more story before FM14 is released and i made a poll yesterday on what team to be and the winner was...
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    My last story- poll

    My last FM13 story Well Hello if any of you have followed my stories i have written a few my most successful Fulham and Portsmouths ones but have decided i'll do one more story before FM14 is released and i need your help ! So i was thinking a Blackburn story or a Arsenal one with Ozil as there...
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    CM for Liverpool

    Hello i recently downloaded the legend that is LFC Marshall's summer update and decided to start up a Liverpool save alongside my Portsmouth one which i have a story on ( Come on you blues - A Portsmouth story ) check it out ;) but anyway i started up and looking to bring in a Central...
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    Come on you Blues - A Portsmouth F.C story

    A New Beginning Hello if any of you followed my Fulham story where i won the Premier League in my first season you will know that unfortunately i suffered a crash dump and the save is now unplayable but i have decided to start a new story with my hometown club Portsmouth f.c i have been a...
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    What do you want me to do ?

    hi i currently have a Fulham story out at the moment called Fulham-This is our time i downloaded LFC Marshalls update today (by the way thanks LFC Marshall for your hard work) but since then i feel it is a bit outdated and ive got a bit bored and lost interest im thinking of starting a Football...
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    Fantasy premier league

    hi everyone i recently created mt fantasy prem team and now im unsure on which of these strikers i should have should i have lukaku or Berbatov im swinging towards Berbi purely because he has more chance of playing and scores and creates so many what one would you have? Also feel free to post...
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    Fulham- This is our time

    Hello all this is my Fulham story we all know Fulham haven't won a major trophy for a while now although coming runners-up in the Europa league final v Atletico Madrid back in 2010 under Roy Hodgson but i hope to bring some success to Craven Cottage...
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    FIFA 14 UK cover guesses

    today at 5pm uk time EA will reveal who will join Messi on the front of the FIFA 14 uk cover they have release this picture to me it looks like Podolski or Walcott but i feel Bale should be on the front Who do you think it is ?
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    Havant got a chance

    INTRODUCTION Hello and welcome to my Havant & Waterlooville story on FM 13 for those of you who do not know who Havant & Waterlooville are,they are a Blue Square South team that are based near Portsmouth and the team who gave Liverpool a run for there money a few years back in the F.A Cup.So i...
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    Portsmouth Parent Club

    Right as you may have gathered im Portsmouth i have requested the board for a parent club and they have offered me Manchester United,Liverpool & Chelsea who should i pick ? im thinking of the team who would offer the best players to have on loan and not have to pay their wages so what team has...
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    can't connect to xbox live

    Hi i just went onto my xbox only to find out that there are problems occurring at the moment and some users are experiencing difficulties connecting to xbox live is anyone else had this or know a way round it thanks