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    Jesaustralia - FM13 Tactics Found!

    Hi guys I have lately had people writing me about fm13 - I wasn't aware that people still played that game - I deleted the fm13 main threads by me some time ago in anger over something I don't remember - but I was definitely angry cause I deleted the tactics as well from mediafire - so to...
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    Jesaustralia - 2512 - Weartibus

    Mediafire Links: Jesaustralia - Download 2512 Targetmen Jesaustralia - Download 2512 Poacher Jesaustralia - 2512 - Weartibus Formation: Players: BPD's-S Tall powerful defenders CWB's-A (Wingers Retrained) HB - Simular to a powerful defender DLP-S (Passer) Killerball - Long passes -...
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    Jesaustralia Tactics 2018

    Download Oldschool 3412 Download Fist Pump 4123 Download Gooaall 18.2 - 352 Download Sublimity 18.2 - 433 Narrow Download Sublimity 18.2 - Happy Birthday Jesus - 433 Narrow Download FM Easy Guide Here Your Results & Achievements - Post 2 OPENING POST Don't dwell on the past...
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    Jesaustralia's favourite fm17 tactic (4312 Narrow)

    Jesaustralia's favourite fm17 tactic 4-3-1-2 Download Here Download Almost Reversed version Here Player Shortlist by 0Widowmaker0 First of all I've been aware of this tactic for a while now - its foundation was established by someone who call themselves the_reckonist and gave the tactic...
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    Jesaustralia's Kangaroo 5-2-1-2 - 17.2 Patch

    Follow me on twitch - HERE Kangaroo 5-2-1-2 - Download League Table Your League Tables Not Here yet... End Word Its the Christmas holliday - I wish that all of you will have a great time where ever you are - all nationalities included - eat some...
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    Jesaustralia's FM-Junkie - (14 Formations)

    Follow me on twitch - HERE FM-JUNKIE - DOWNLOAD A man walks in to a bar/twitch and say - I just created Diablo - I turn my head and reply GREAT!! while sitting their pretending how much I really care - I have heard this bullshit a million times before - Its spam in my ears..... A...
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    Jesaustralia's SUBLIMITY 17 - 4-3-3

    Follow me on twitch - HERE SUBLIMITY 17 DOWNLOAD Stabilizer Download Counter Download Can also be downloaded at www.twitch.tv/weartibus - Several versions of the tactic is gone - best one in my opinion is The take one version of Sublimity - have fun Sublimity 17 Versions Sublimity...
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    This Is The End

    WATCH WeArtibus On Twitch Jesaustralia's Automatic II (442) RETARDS - SAVE THE PLANET (19 Tactics) Ps - When we talk about beasts & monsters in fm - then check this one out
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    CRUYFFS TRIBUTE (343) by Jesaustralia

    WATCH WeArtibus On Twitch The Beginning So by request I made this thread - some of you feel its worth its own space so I decided to honor that and also I have to give you all an apoligy - a legend like Johan Cruyff who have done so much for the sport should ofcourse have his own thread - I...
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    Shevchenko 1.0 by Shevchenko86 - SUPER TACTIC for FM15

    Hi all fm15 gamer's - this is not my tactic, but due to a nice conversation with the author I promised him to release it for you guys - Infact I cannot even try it myself becourse I don't have fm15, but no need to worry - if you play fm15 this guy claims it is the best tactic for top team -...
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    SUBLIMITY (433) by Jesaustralia

    WATCH WeArtibus On Twitch What I'm about to show is purely insane in many ways - it all started as an experiment to see whether I could pull this one off or not - back in fm13 their was a tactic called Brobs that I was very exited with - it was the first tactic I tried from fmbase - so my...
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    My Tactics - Best ones Highly recommended: WATCH WeArtibus On Twitch About This thread: Quick and direct passing is what I want most of the time or a mixture. When that is said - logic tells me that only highly talented teams will benefit from my tactics - top teams ingame or regent sides...
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    Barcelona Tactic By Jesaustralia - How the match engine like it!!!!!!

    Barcelona Tactic By Jesaustralia I created this tactic to exploit the bugged positioning in the match engine and as a result I have achieved.... High Possession... Best Defending tactic I have ever seen... Many chances when your team blend strong... Potentially Highscoring... Triangles...
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    Comprehensive Test Of Mr L's Tactics - (including his new ones)

    With new information at hand, Mr L has been able to make a tactic that is so high scoring that even your grandma would enjoy FM. It literally eats Rock and Tripletweak for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks!" WOOOW BY MR LANGVATN - DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE WOOOW INVERTED - DOWNLOAD...
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    3-4-3 The Langvatn Tribute By Jesaustralia

    3-4-3 The Langvatn Tribute THE LANGVATN TRIBUTE VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIQ2EJVQK1A Special Thanks to Fesliyan Studios Who Delivered Their Magnificient Background Music In My Video - If you enjoyed their music share this video on your facebook profile so other people...
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    Creative freedom 20 or Creative freedom 0 ? - 99% get it wrong!

    Hmmmm.......just for chatting - Anyone free to say something! Creative Freedom: I've been both reading but also checking inside the match engine, to find out the mystery about this godforsaken slider. Some people came up with that its like an artist slider, so if you have someone with huge...
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    Plug & Play Freedom (3142) ---Direct Style--- Fantastic Tactic By Jesaustralia

    Plug & Play Freedom 3142 Download League Table with Freiburg (Thanks to Champion7891) About Plug & Play Freedom: Inspired by Marcelo's tactic, but to much is edited that you can't call this his! Marcelo's focus is on a fast short passing game - This tactic is lightning Direct fast and...
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    The Connection (2422) - Home & Away 13.3.3 by Jesaustralia

    THE CONNECTION 2422 DOWNLOAD IT HERE Home & Away 13.3.3 by Jesaustralia How To Scout Regents - Below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWmOwrvC2kU Ossis Mandos Experience Using The Connection 2422 Above (No Tweaks) Ossis Testing Jesaustralia...
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    GOOAALL-262-FM13.3.3 by Jesaustralia - The best tactic I've seen for FM13

    GOOAALL 2-6-2 - DOWNLOAD MY BABY! - MY 1st Release! Highly Succesful! Gooaall - 262 - Poacher Enhanced Created 2015 - Hugely Successful BrokeBack Mountain - Best Version Highly Recommended - 5 GLS a Game - Over 6 Games above 10 GLS - Many 9-0 wins Brokeback Mountain Is My Best Work...