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    Signing of the season 2010-2011 EPL?

    For me over the whole season it has to be 1) Hernandez 2) VDV 3) Odemwingie 4) Meireles 5) Chamakh (because he got **** towards the end) ..... 109092303209843) Torres Your thoughts
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    Signing of the season so far?

    In premier league For me it has got to be Javier Hernandez or Van der Vaart.
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    Experienced players??

    Who are some really good experienced players who will do a good job for a league one side but can tutor my youngsters. Looking for people who are like sol campbell, who are cheap or free. Could anyone put together a team of experienced players that are cheap or free i will be eternally...
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    Lucas Digne

    Looked around for a thread on this guy but nothing for FM11. Hi everyone, i know this guy is a good prospect on FM but can anyone tell me your thoughts on him or how good he gets and if you can, could you please post a screenshot of him in the future. Thankyou very much BTW- I have already...
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    Best young Right backs

    Could someone please tell me the best young right backs on FM11 and if you can with screenshots of them at the start of the game and then like 4-5 years later. Thank you very much I will appreciate screenshots, especially genie scout as well
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    highest goalkeeper rating for outfield player

    Hi, checked all other threads and I did not find a similar one. If i missed one, sorry mods! :) plz dont give me an infraction. I was wondering which outfield players have the highest goalkeeper ratings, which is the highest?
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    sergiy kryvtsov

    I found this guy after looking at wonderkids shortlists and i have to admit i am pretty impressed, does he develop really well and I would like to know if he could get 20/20 in heading or jumping. post a screenshot if u have him really well developed.