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    The Saints Are Coming To Challenge The Big Boys

    Shock As Pocchettino Is Sacked From St. Mary's Mauricio Pocchettino has been sacked from Southampton for unknown reasons by chairman, Nicola Cortese. He has been replaced by unknown Englishman. My Plans With Southampton, I hope to play a skilful short passing game with an aim to develop as...
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    Challenges And Scenarios

    What has happened to the challenges and scenarios sub-forum this year?
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    The International Journeyman

    I'm sure you're familiar with journeyman stories, this is one, but I'm only managing international sides. Here I can't build a squad, I'll have to work my hardest to get the best out of what I've got, fight tooth and nail to attract dual nationals away from a more glamorous nation and hassle...
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    Dirty Boys: An Experiment

    In the editor I have set up an experiment to see how dirty a team can become, making the entire Q.P.R. team 16, giving them a transfer embargo until 2100 and wiping out all their youth production facilities. The players have contracts until 2035 and their ambition is to play for the club as well...
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    We Love the Silkmen. We Do.

    Well, at least you will after reading this. I'm a Silkmen fan and I've updated our permanent transfers in the Editor. I've downloaded magicmastermind's (he's over at SI) database for extra layers to the database and am using the excellent media pack that comes with it. It'll also stop the press...
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    Swansea City: The Guide

    Swansea City Association Football Club (Welsh: Clwb Pêl-droed Dinas Abertawe) is a Welsh professional football club based in the city of Swansea, South Wales that play in the Premier League. The only Wales-based club in the division, they play their home matches at the Liberty Stadium. The club...
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    Basque Nation Project

    Hello. Since the full release of FM13 I've been working on enabling the basque nation and it's finally ready for release. They enter international competition right away and have continental club competition after one season. The file is called Basque nation.dbc. Once you have this file place it...
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    Media Pundits

    I just saw a media pundit taking her coaching badges. She's at my club but I've never seen a media pundit on FM before. What effect do they have? What attributes would you look for? Here's a screenshot for anyone who doesn't believe me:
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    Video Blog: Transfers and Contracts Part One

    Enjoy. Sports Interactive, the developers of Football Manager - FM13 Video Blog - Transfers & Contracts Part 1: Loans & Scouting Shows obvious improvements in AI imo.
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    I'm just wondering if anybody has given any of their players pain killing injections, I never have out of fear of them going wrong so I wanted to know other peoples experiences and whether or not you are cautious like me.
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    Money for my players playing internationals What?

    I just got a bit of mail in game saying that some of my players are being called up to an international side but it says I'll recieve fees for them playing. I've seen it before and I'd like to know what's going on. Here's a screenshot in case it helps.
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    Damaging Other Teams' Seasons

    Hello. I'm playing as Athletic Club Bilbao and as you may well know my fierce rivals, Real Sociedad, have a lot of quality basque players that wouldn't join my club. I have now made it my mission to attempt to sabotage there season to unsettle there players, namely Antoine Griezmann and Inigo...
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    Fm-basers, I have created a custom database in which nations compete as clubs and I want you to choose the players in each nations squad. Every player or manager you pick they have to have your chosen nation as their first nationality. I'm using the patch 12.2.2 Your Squad must consist of: 75...
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    I just need to know what happens if you make a league without any transfer windows. Thanks in Advance.
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    Feeder Club Selection

    I just wondered if anyone's board decided to choose a different feeder club to the one that they recommended?