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    A rarely used, but so far excellent, Philosophy

    I've been experimenting. And so far, these are the (ongoing) results, playing as Newcastle: Total Played 16, Won 14, Drawn 1, Lost 1 - Goals Scored 42, Conceded 7 League Played 10, Won 9, Drawn 1, Lost 0 - Scored 23, Conceded 3 (top of the league) (One loss away at Man Utd in the Carling Cup...
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    Zulu Yankee

    Download Scroll down to the bottom of this post, files are attached there. Intro This is a two tactic strategy, aimed at keeping the opposition on their toes and giving you that "fans hail tactical genius" message. Screenshots of the 2 formations are below - the "Zulu" tactic (so called...
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    Am I doing this wrong?

    I'm looking for Brazilian regens. I have assigned my best scout (who is Spanish, JA 20; JP 19) to look for them. I've set his assignment conditions as: - Age is at most 16 - Scouted PA is at least Good (3 stars) In 29 days he has found zero players. Weirdly, the "current cost" of these 29 days...
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    Some love for Andy Carroll

    Playing as Juventus and whether I want him or not I get Llorente join my club at the start of the 2013/14 season. This time around I figure I'll adapt my tactics to fit, and create a Target Man + Poacher strike partnership, but realise I have no Target Man back up for Llorente at the club (I...
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    Sometimes you just have roll your eyes...

    (I play Juventus).
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    Spanish Youth Development

    I want to start a new Real Madrid save, focussing on developing youth to bring through to the first team. However, I'm confused about the U19s team, Real Madrid C and Castilla. There doesn't seem to be an active U19s league, and friendlies are few and far between for the Real Madrid U19s team...
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    8 Different World Cup Winners, 8 Different Tactics

    Introduction Since the first World Cup in 1930, there have only been 8 countries who have won football's ultimate prize (some more than once of course!). I wanted a new challenge in FM 2013, not just another long term save with a club or a managerial career, so I came up with the idea of...
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    Your Largest Win?

    For a bit of fun, what's been your largest win? Just had mine, a 17-0 win for Man Utd in a pre-season friendly vs Wigan Robin Park. Rooney scored 8 and the team's average rating was 9.31. I know it's a meaningless match, but quite fun none-the-less :).
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    World Cup Winning Tactics

    I've set myself a challenge to win the World Cup with all 8 previous winners using tactical formations actually employed by the winners, and I've hit a bit of a road block. For all 8 nations, I'm just starting a new save each time and setting myself as each nation's manager - however Germany...
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    Arrigo Sacchi's 4-4-2 Tweaks Thread

    Tweaked Tactics List Please see post #2 below for a list of all tweaked tactics. Credit First and foremost, all credit for the core tactic goes to seanhrfc for his original work found here...
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    A guide?

    Is there a guide somewhere as to how these auction games work? They sound intriguing but I have no idea how to get involved.
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    Negative Potential Ability?

    During my search for a Buffon replacement, I notice that I have a decent looking young goalie (Leali) that could provide me with an answer. One thing though, he has a Potential Ability of -9. What does this mean? Is it some form of code to produce random attributes and/or PA? If so, within...
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    Recommended Player Preferred Move by Position

    Choosing Player Roles | Football Manager 2013 Guide The above link provides a list of player positions with their recommended PPMs & Attributes, and is incredibly useful. Click on a position and you will be presented with: a) A description of the role. b) A list of recommended Attributes...
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    The <insert "cool" name> Sweeper 3-5-2 System

    Download See bottom of this post for the tactic download file. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspiration I love Italian football, Juventus especially, and have long held a fascination with tactics which make effective use...
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    Juventus - La Vecchia Signora Rises (The Old Lady Rises)

    I love Juventus and love playing Juventus in this game, so thought I would write this opening season guide for any one else who may like to play with the Old Lady. Note - the guide is written for the full game based on the 13.3.2 (Jan '13 transfer window) update. To help navigate, the guide...
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    Default tactics and formations

    I was wondering, does anyone actually use just the default tactics and formations with any success? You know, creating a new tactic with the tactic creator, using one of the default formations, setting team tactics using the TC and then not fiddling around with any team and individual player...
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    Match Interface Issue

    Have an issue at present with the match screen, and wondered if anyone knew a way to fix it. Across the top action bar, I now only have the 2 drop down boxes to make substitutions and change tactics. My Shouts box has disappeared. Further, the on screen information box which shows me the...
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    Classic Tactics - I'm Missing Something

    Hi all, 2 things are bypassing me at present concerning the use of Classic Tactics rather than the wizard, and no amount of searching and reading is making the penny drop yet. (By the way, if someone knows of a post somewhere either on this forum or elsewhere that provides a "Create Classic...
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    Brazil 1970 *Mirrored*

    Hi all, Download Link: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=7577 (NOTE - I'm currently working on version 2, so I will post updates once I have completed some testing). I recently started a new save for my Real Madrid team, but rather than try to recreate their tactics or...