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    Craziest AI Season

    In the third season of the game (19/20) having finished runner up in the PL twice, looks like I'm set to do so once again thanks to Chelsea having an astonishing season. They lost to City 2-0 a couple of months into the season, but have 22 clean sheets in 25 games, conceding only 4 goals, and...
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    Substitute Match Ratings

    Wondering what the minimum time is for a sub to be introduced and receive a match rating? Previous versions it was 15 minutes but on this I've had players play 20 and not receive one, so maybe it's 25 now?
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    Don't let anyone tell you FM is bad for your education!

    One of my university units was on different technological developments throughout history, ranging from the alphabet to telegraphs to moving image to computer games etc, about 12 in total I think. For the final essay, we had to do a case study within one of the categories, and analyse it in the...
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    Unable to send homesick player on leave?

    On previous FM's when a player came to me with homesickness, telling him you were willing to send him on leave would see it automatically happen, yet when this happened with one of my players, he has stayed at the club. His concern has turned into unhappiness, and he's now trying to start a...
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    Serbia Youth Intake problems

    On my Southampton story I'm up to August 2019. Most nations have a youth intake every year, but I've noticed that Serbia haven't. They had a youth intake in I think January or February of 2016 - first season - but haven't had one since, three seasons later. I haven't noticed it with any other...
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    The FM-Base Psychotic Rant Thread

    It seems that one of the most amusing things on this site is when somebody throws their toys out of the pram and lets loose with a psychotic rant. This opens them up to all sorts of smart **** replies, which is always great fun. Twice now, Modern Day Legend Lippo255 has suggested an award for...
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    Taking Southampton North!

    Hello and welcome to my first story for FM16. I very much enjoyed writing my two stories for FM15, which some of you may have read: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2015-manager-stories/293676-malmo-ff-swedish-adventure.html, and my lesser known Be A Player story...
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    Does anyone else think this is spam? Mods?

    Has anyone else noticed some users making comments which are literally word for word, part of a comment above them? I've been seeing it so often and it is very strange! It's not just one user either, here are some examples...
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    Calling any Australians!

    Hello! If there are any Australians here interested in a unique, one-off online game then please send me a PM. I'm sorry but I can't give any more details away.
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    Swedish Premier Division Bug?

    As people who are following my story on this site will know, I'm managing Malmo FF in the Allsvenskan - the Swedish Premier Division. I've completed two seasons and won the league in both seasons, but have come across a problem with my manager history and achievements. Post number 490, the one...
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    A kid with a plan - Patrick Liljenqvist

    Jönköpings 2014 This is the story of a man Just a kid in from the sticks Just a kid with a plan... (Apologies to Paul Kelly :P) Finally decided to start my own one of these. After talking to a few people I've decided that my player is going to have a PA of -10, in an attempt to make it as a...
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    Malmo FF - A Swedish Adventure

    So this is my first attempt at a story, I’d like to thank Lippo255 for his advice, and for providing some inspiration, with his story http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2015-manager-stories/179631-get-india.html This and his...