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    Stopper CB-Freiburg Season 2011/2012

    Looking to build for the future, under 25 if possible with a budget of 9m, any suggestions?
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    EduinJBL's 4-1-3-1-1 Giantmaker

    Hi, This is my latest tactic and an evolution of my 4-1-3-2 Giantbeater, however it has evolved. It is now more attacking, better developed, and I’ve got rid of the pesky poacher and added in a False Nine-False Ten Partnership, so I name it the Giantmaker. The tactic is an attempt to create my...
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    Plan B= Championship Manager Addict

    Full Article Here. All I have to say is, if he is anything to go by our futures are bright.
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    Tactical Visions-New Creative Tactical Blog

    Tactical Visions is a blog for tactical creativity, an element left in the past only to manager's and players of the football manager series. Although, there will be some analysis of tactical evolutions, the focus of the site will be for bloggers to put forward their tactical vision through both...
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    Brian Easton- Burnley

    ​ Name: Brian Easton D.O.B: 5.3.1988 Club: Burnley Nationality: Scottish Position: Leftback (see below) Strengths Pace, Natural Fitness, Tackling, Work Rate, Acceleration, Stamina. Weaknesses Finishing, Penalty Taking, Long Shots Suggested Roles Fullback/Wingback Automatic Screenshots
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    EduinJBL's 4-1-3-2 Giantbeater

    Hi, I developed this tactic in trying to win the premiership with Fulham and had very good results (as shown below). The tactic is aimed at mid or lower table clubs who are aiming to push up the table, with a more able squad it will still probably work, however it is reasonably defensive in...
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    How to open a poll, when thread is already open.

    I know how to create a poll when setting up a thread, but is there any way to add a poll to a thread while it is open? And if so how?
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    Free Photoshop like programme

    I want to do a few very basic things. e.g add a face to one of my games, and create a logo. So, I was wondering if anyone, knew any goodish photo editing programmes
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    The Testers' Union (TU)

    I thought this up the other day, when I was struggling to find some testers to test my tactic. So I've decided to set up this the testers union. I and hopefully others will join the union, so therefore when someone creates a tactic they can come to this thread and get one of the designated...
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    West Ham beat Tottenham to Olympics Stadium

    West Ham win Olympics race Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) executives have decided the offer from the club is a better solution than the rival bid from Tottenham. The OPLC board will be asked to support the view at a meeting on Friday, when it is expected to confirm West Ham as its...
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    2. Bundesliga of Furth facepack?

    I'm starting a game with Greuther Furth and have been looking for 2. Bundesliga or just Furth facepacks. Was wondering if anyone knows where one is or and i really would appreciate it, if there is none if someone could make one.
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    How to promote a thread

    I'm relatively new to this forum and have set up a few threads and tactics But, am struggling to get that many posts on them. So I thought I would set up a thread in order to show how to promote a thread. Please post anything which will help promoting threads and I'll add it to the OP. So far I...
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    Chain of Command

    Horror Tackle Ends Glimmering Career At 33 Years Old Robin Van Persie was past his prime, but a player of such talent will still be such a loss to the incumbent champions and indeed the footballing community. He was injured by a horrendous tackle by his compatriot Nigel De Jong, a notably...
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    Editor problem

    I've installed my game through steam and re-installed it a few times, but am having a problem with the editor. I can find it, but when i click on it, this error notice comes up. 'Error: Unable to find some essential data. PLease ensure the game is installed correctly.' Was wondering if anyone...
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    Perfect Season

    The Challenge is to win 38 out of 38 in the premier league. Simple but tricky. This has been my objective for such a long time, I am still not their but am getting closer currently got 10 games won in a row, still 28 to go but have a good feeling about this season. So was wondering if anyone...
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    3-2-2-1-2 The Tactic of Pace Thread

    The Tactic of Pace 3-2-2-1-2 This is the thread for the tactic. The exact same detail is up on the tactic file, but discussion is easier upon the thread. My main purpose for this thread is of course promotion, but also to get as many people testing it as possible and improve it more and more...
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    Minimum Fee Release Clause

    I was trying to sign garra demebele the other day and he wouldn't agree to sign unless i gave him the same minimum fee release clause of 2.3m which I just met, seems really stupid. Have other people experienced this? Is there anyway to avoid it?
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    Japanese Goalkeeper tricks himself

    Not linked to fm, but imo funny enough to make up for that issue. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVHE95gGJyg