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    Started a similar challenge- finally got appointed at Sturm Graz. Could never beat Red Bull though!!
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    Fearless & Strikerless 4123

    I wish so much that the defensive qualities of this tactic could be improved. I'm 3 or 4 nil up in some games and still nervous. We have the 2nd highest goal tally but joint bottom on goals conceded. Media prediction for the season was 10th so it is still an achievement and we got to the...
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    Fearless & Strikerless 4123

    Media prediction was 3rd to be fair but even still there are a few decent players in some of the other teams. Lost some of my half decent players on free transfers too as they weren't contracted. Will update later as to how my season in the Premier goes.
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    Fearless & Strikerless 4123

    Just done a season with v369. No IR's and only a couple of signings needed to fill some gaps. Daniel Kivi was a 17yr old sat in my reserves and he really impressed in the AMC role. Not a bad tactic- definitely need to focus on good defensive stats for the CD's...pace is not always abundant in...
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    Absolutely superb...won pretty much everything domestically over the last 4 seasons and making good progress in Europe. Even managed to persuade the likes of Marcelo and Moutinho to come and spend the last 6 months of their footballing careers with us!! Can't recommend this tactic highly enough.
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    20.4 CADONI 442 - OEDIPUS

    Tried another league- great achievement. Defensively not quite as strong as Kidderminster save but much lower ability in players overall. Going to play 2nd season following promotion and update. Lots of chances created in every game. Probably the best tactic I've tried in FM2020
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    20.4 CADONI 442 - OEDIPUS

    Tried this with Kidderminster- Instant Results for the season. Amazing results...
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    El Turco 4-4-2 - Fm 19.3.6 Best Tactic

    Been trying the tweak version of this tactic.....absolutely brilliant. Tried it with Chester in Vanarama North and we are so far storming the league. Full credit to the creator, I think this may be the best tactic for FM19 that I have come across. Bravo!!
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    Did you have any luck with this?