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    HYPOCRITICAL FOOTBALL Hi, I have been playing FM for a few years and decided to make my own tactic instead of relying on those online as a result of mediocre season results and a general dislike of unorthodox formations like the strikerless which has been popular to modify this year. I...
  2. J

    Jagginman's EURO 2012 Auction Game

    Hi, basically now I have no exams I find myself bored and in need of entertainment. Basically it will only feature players that have been chosen to go to the EUROS (using patch 12.2) and there might be a round with players that didn't make the squad but deserved to (whether that be due to...
  3. J

    How do I keep an injury prone player fit?

    Hi, basically I'm playing as Plymouth argyle in the year 2016 and I am playing Sam Vokes and James Vaughan up front, these two are forming a deadly partnership but it is still in the early stages despite them being at plymouth for 2 years. The problem is that Vaughan is seriously injury prone...
  4. J

    Keeping Plymouth Argyle in the Premier League

    Hi, basically I have managed to send Plymouth to the premier league for the 2014-15 season. Here is a screenshot of my squad: We came Second in the Championship thanks to some very attractive attacking football that saw us out-score our opponents. Now that we're in the Premier League I need...
  5. J

    Patch 12.1 and save problems with steam

    Hi, I have had lots of problems that I believe are a result of steam one way or another. Firstly I have lost ALL of my save games (about 10 of them ranging from Man City to Wales challenges) and when I try to load them I am met with "no element found at line 16 of last_saved_game.xml". Secondly...
  6. J

    How can I restore my save game? O.o

    Hi, basically i was going to load up my save game as plymouth where we are championship play off semis in 2014, but after a minute of loading it stops and says "The save game could not be loaded" I have a back-up but its back it November and I can't stand the idea of going through it again HELP...
  7. J

    Sending the Wolves to Europe- £35 million transfer budget

    Hi basically I am playing as Wolves. We missed out on europe by 1 point in my first season. Basically I have the same squad as before, except I swapped Gueridora for Faulin of QPR. I also have arranged deals for Verratti, Weiss and Paloschi. Basically I need a defensively minded CM, a super...
  8. J

    Can you be England manager and a club team manager?

    Hi, bascially I want to start a save as England manager and then look around at managing a club whilst doing it. I have applied for england job on all of the FMs since 2009, and I was rejected, Despite winning the champions league with Plymouth etc. I know you can be Spainish manager or...
  9. J

    Towering CB and a commanding CM needed!

    Hi basically I am in my second season after surging through league 2 with Plymouth argyle and I am in desperate need of a CM and CB to command the defence/midfield. Both of these would have to be loans or frees with small wages (or less than 10k) I need the CB to be able to head away almost...
  10. J

    Great Britain Olympic Manager!!!!

    Hi basically I was just scrolling through my mail and out of nowhere there was one which allowed me to try and become the Olympic manager! Just wondering if anyone else has done this and how did you do at it? :D
  11. J

    Roll up and join the network game.

    Hi hosting a network game for teams in premier league. English, Spanish, French and German leagues will be loaded. Also the name is jagginman and the password is 123456 We can discuss the hours, but I'm thinking possibly 7-8/9 on Monday/Wednesday and Friday? Also i will be using patch 11.3...
  12. J

    Wolves; pushing for success in europe and premier league

    Hi I am managing wolves with LFCMarshall update. We managed to reach the Europa League after reaching the final (and losing 1-0 to man city). We finished 15th in the PL but that was due to a dip in form at the end of the season. We also use a basic 4-4-2 formation. I imagine to get a transfer...
  13. J

    Need a goalscoring striker!!!!!

    Hi I am managing Plymouth Argyle in 2014 and we seriously need a striker. We are currently in the premier league after surviving by the skin of our teeth. I play a 4-5-1 formation with 2 attacking wingers pumping crosses into the box. I only have Billy Sharp, Andy Keogh and a regen called Robert...
  14. J

    Owen Hargreaves, is he worth the risk?

    Hi I am starting a new save with Wolves using the recent LFC Marshall transfer update. This means that Hargreaves is available on a free and that only his wages could be a stumbling block. Now my question is whether or not I should attempt to get Hargreaves, his attributes are waaaaaaaay better...
  15. J

    Assistant manager never agrees to contract?

    Hi I am using the 11.3 patch update and I have spotted that regardless of what team I am Plymouth, Norwich, Wolves, Man utd, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Shef Utd, Portsmouth, QPR the assistant manager never agrees to negotiate a contract with me, in fact he won't even enter negotiations. I...
  16. J

    Cheap, pacy strikcers

    Hi I am using LFCMarshall's summer update and I am plymouth argyle, we won promotion to league one and I need a really pacey striker like Brandy to boost my attack. I have a transfer budget of £300,000 and a wage maximum of £3,000 but I may be able to stretch to £4,000. Pace is more or less...
  17. J

    A dirt poor team

    Hi I have started a save with plymouth using one of the transfer updates, we only have 13 senior players and the rest are youth. I am seriously lacking money as our wage budget is 7.5k yet we are spending 22.1k on wages at the minute, I have released all youth players bar 7 (as they will preform...
  18. J

    De Gea or Hart

    I am manager of Man City because I felt like blowing a ton of money. I decided to buy de gea and now I am torn between who to play in goal ? Suggestions? :) ps I am playing in year 2011
  19. J

    Plymouth are Premier League!

    Hi, as the title suggests I have got Plymouth into the premier league for season 2012-2013 after back to back promotions (winners of league 1 and won play offs for Championship). Here is a list of my squad and I have removed those who are definitely going to be sold. I plan to use a 4-4-2...
  20. J

    Jagginman's Kit Request Thread-Lets get some competition!

    STATUS:OPEN Rules 1. Do not rush me, even though I am on holiday I do have other commitments. I will get them done but my best results come when I am not under pressure 2. You can have as many kit requests as you like. 3. Do not spam or write offensive posts, it will be reported 4. I am only...