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    Removing View-only leagues entirely?

    The 'View-only' leagues shouldn't affect your PCs performance, nor the speed of the game. That is the point of having them as View-Only'. At least that's how I've always understood it, however I might be wrong.
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    FM20: Who Should I Manage?

    Hello everyone, I've decided on an idea regarding a new save, but don't excatly know which club to use. The idea of the save is basic. I can't sign players older than 19, and I can't use players older than 25. Therefor I'm looking for clubs with good youngsters, and a relatively young average...
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    FM Base | FM20 Real Names License Fix by Darkness

    I'm having the same problem, been reading through it more than once, watched the video in detail, but the Champions League and Europa League are still called Champions Cup and Euro Cup. The rest works perfectly.
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    BaP Team Mode - Us Against Them - Los Base CF revival

    Decent month for Pedersen, not great but not terrible either. Nice to see him grab a goal.
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    BaP Team Mode - Us Against Them - Los Base CF revival

    Finally Pedersen put in a quality performance, topping it off with a MOTM, and a goal. Other than that, it’s an average month for Pedersen
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    BaP Team Mode - Us Against Them - Los Base CF revival

    Disappointing month for Pedersen, but at least the teams doing well. Sad to see my beloved Barca knocked out of the 'Copa del Rey' though.
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    BaP Team Mode - Us Against Them - Los Base CF revival

    You’re welcome, happy to help whenever I can ?
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    BaP Team Mode - Us Against Them - Los Base CF revival

    Solid start to the season for Pedersen so far, happy to see him getting on the scoresheet so early on. On the other hand, he seems to be booked far too often, needs to work on that.
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    BaP Team Mode - Us Against Them - Los Base CF revival

    Good to see there's a fellow Dane at the back
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    BaP Team Mode - Us Against Them - Los Base CF revival

    Very happy with how Pedersen looks. Hopefully he'll end up a legend of not only the club, but also the game
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    BaP Team Mode - Us Against Them - Los Base CF revival

    First and Last Name: Hans Christian Pedersen D.O.B (Day/Month): 09/03 City of Birth: Haderslev Nationality: Denmark Second Nationality (mandatory to those, whose first nation is not in the EU): Languages Spoken (max 3): Danish & English Height (cm): 204 Weight (kg): 105 Position (max 3, first...
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    FM20: Who Should I Manage?

    Looking for a new save. Bought the game in late december, and I'm yet to find a team that intrigues me. I'm a huge Barcelona fan, and love their style of play, plus the philosophy of bringing young talent through the ranks. Therefor I'm looking for a side that either currently possesses the type...
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    Help with the Editor

    I've looked through the entire Athletic Bilbao settings in the Editor, and haven't found anything that even metions the ban. How do I copy/find the advanced rules in the Editor?
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    Help with the Editor

    Hello fellow FM-enthusiasts, I've recently bought FM20, after having had a break since FM18. I just downloaded the 'Catalan Independence' database from the Workshop, and was wondering, is there a way to add the transfer restrictions from Athletic Bilbao, to FC Barcelona? I'm a huge Barca-fan...
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    Worth getting the game this late?

    Hello guys, I'm currently in a dilemma, and in need of a quick answer. Normally I'm one who pre-order the game, and play it a lot alongside FIFA. But this year, with how many new things there were in FIFA, I decided not to get FM. Now that I in anger destroyed my only controller, and don't...
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    Arsenal 3rd season

    Hello fellow FM-players, I'm currently in my 2nd season with Arsenal, 3rd season into the game. My first season I won the BPL and the Champions League, and I'm now looking to strengthen my team, since I only have 19-20 1st team players. Here is my current squad and the formation I'm using: What...
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    Tottenham 1st season

    Hi guys Just sold Harry Kane to Man U for 55m, so I need a new goalscorer. My preferred formation doesn't use a striker, so what I'm looking for is a Shadow Striker or a treq. I have 90m at my disposal, and I'm sure I can get another 30m
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    Hello fellow FM-players I have a question that needs to be answered. Just fired up a save with Southampton, and saw that I could get both Byram and Flanagan for 700k each. They both demand the same wages. Since their both english, and both young, I've decided to sign one of them, just can't...
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    How well/awfull would this MacBook run fm15 and fm16?

    Hello guys, A few weeks ago I bought a MacBook Air, mainly for school, been playing FM on the side with an old laptop. Sadly the laptop won't make the cut when it comes to playing FM16, can barely run FM15 without burning up :/ Question is, would my MacBook Air be able to run the game, and if...
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    Kubo - FC Barcelona

    Hello fellow FM fanatics I've just started a save with Porto to do the usual 4 steps 1. Find young talent 2. Buy said talent 3. Develop said talent into a world class player 4. Sell said talent for a major profit After having scouted the market I remembered this guy from my FC Barcelona save...