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    4123 GegenTaka - Glory&Shine

    Uploaded 4123 GegenTaka - Glory&Shine No OI - Training managed by Asistant! Leave feedback below please.
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    HD 4-2-3-1 | Great Results & Realistic Football

    (From FMTurkiye member DrAqPiT) IMPORTANT NOTE I have not tried anything other than the top tier teams and I think it will be a predictable success. Of course there is no guarantee that every brace will comply with being ideal for top level teams. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR POSITIONS Goalkeeper: It...
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    Hasenhuttl Counter [18] | The Rock | 4-4-2

    [18.1] Hasenhuttl Counter | The Rock | 4-4-2 Solid Hey guys, for 2 days I used @Bayern fanatic 's 4-4-2 tactic for FM18, he released it for FM17 but I applied everything that he made to FM18 and it worked perfectly. I implented vanco's corner too, Every credit goes to him and Bayern fanatic ...
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    • Elite 4-2-3-1 | Goal Scorer ST - Possesion and Great Results •

    Hey guys, I found a gem in steamworkshop that works amazing with risky formation 4-2-3-1, all credits going to "Psyllium Akasha" at steam ( his work link if you want to support him CLICK ) I changed some role and used fitness & tactic test to make it more testable, anyway give it a try ...
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    Dominant Football | Posession & Good Results | 4-1-4-1

    Hey guys, I found a tactic on steamworkshop and tried with ~3 underdog teams and it worked very well so I wanted to share with you, most of you will know this tactic and thanks a lot to creator of this tactic : mahe_donz ( Steam profile ) ( Steam Workshop Link ) So, this tactic has great...