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  1. Black_River

    FMSite Facepack FM21

    Thanks for your feedback AranzustA! Glad you managed to make it work, enjoy the game!
  2. Black_River

    FMSite Facepack FM21

    Hey! Are you trying to use the torrent way or the Mega direct download way? We've checked and everything is working fine. Can you try the other method? Thanks!
  3. Black_River

    FMSite Facepack FM21

    Thanks for your feedback @Nachote99 ! Enjoy it!
  4. Black_River

    FMSite Logopack FM21 v5

    FMSite Logopack 2.0 is a Football Manager logo megapack with 45.000 logos for clubs, nations, flags and competitions. You can also install same style Facepack por Football Manager with FMSite facepack file here. FMSite Logopack 2.0 installation is very simple. Following these steps, you...
  5. Black_River

    FMSite Logopack FM21

    Black_River uploaded FMSite Logopack FM21 Leave feedback below.
  6. Black_River

    【CNB】Player Faces (Facepacks)

    This pack uses FMSite's logopack for the nation flag logo.
  7. Black_River

    FMSite Facepack FM21 v6

    FMSite Facepack 2.0 is a faces megapack developed at FMSite community, the biggest Spanish community. We build the facepack and it is from everyone to everyone. You can also install same style Logopack for Football Manager with FMSite logopack file here. Installation Guide FMSite Facepack...
  8. Black_River

    FMSite Facepack FM21

    Black_River uploaded FMSite Facepack FM21 Leave feedback below.