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    Mourinho's nine-year unbeaten run comes to an end.

    Jose Mourinho's nine-year unbeaten home league record as a coach came to an end as his Real Madrid side lost 1-0 to Sporting Gijon at the Bernabeu. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/12948539.stm Crazy ay. Probably because Xabi Alonso didn't play haha. Shame its over but take a bow...
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    FM-Base United (FIFA 11 PS3 Pro Club)

    http://www.eafootballworld.com/en_GB/clubs/631A0001/368579/overview Please read below before asking to join :) Anyway, I don't mind people joining aslong as they are regulars who will fit in. Not just random people who fancy a few games. Were looking for people who like to pass and play good...
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    u18's - Liverpool vs Southend

    Any one else watching this? 8-0 atm and not even finished. 5 goals for Raheem Sterling and all quality goals. He looks unstoppable with his pace, dribbling and guess what end product finishing. Trying not to get carried away but oh well. Borrell has got the team playing amazing football, pass...
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    Jelle Vossen - Young striker

    Sorry haven't got much info on him because my computer with FM on is abit dead so I just have a profile screenshot atm. Name: Jelle Vossen D.O.B: 22/3/1989 Club: Genk Position: ST Strengths: Finishinig, Composure, Off the ball, Work rate, Teamwork Weaknesses: Physical attributes and...
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    Most 'famous' person following you on Twitter?

    Not sure if there is a thread about this. Seen the standard Twitter thread but thought this would be interesting to see. Logged on Twitter today and noticed that Steve Coogan was following me haha, was made up to be honest. Big big big fan! So anyway who is the most famous person following...
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    Finance (Balance Help)

    Not sure if there is already a thread on this but its really starting to annoy me... I've tried to upgrade my training and youth facilities at both Liverpool and West Ham but never seem to be able to because my clubs balance is always in the red when the work is complete so it gets cancelled...
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    Costin Lazar (Good signing for all Prem teams)

    Just scouted him and went to make an offer and the next day he signed for Wigan :( Name: Costin Lazar Club: Rapid Buc D.O.B: 24/4/1981 Nationality: Romania Position: DM Agent: Adrian Rat Strengths: Stamina, Concentration and then all solid stats Weaknesses: Flair, Balance...
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    Aggression attribute after a red card?

    Anyone else noticed that most of the time a players Aggression attribute goes down after being given a straight red? Just wondering if anyone knows anything about it. If it is meant to happen or is it due to the fact the players has been warned or fined so he "calms down" so to speak..
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    Tomas Marek (Top league teams)

    Name: Tomas Marek Club: Banik Ostrava D.O.B: 20/04/1981 Nationality: Czech Republic Position: Defensive midfield Agent: Michal Sova Strengths: Tackling, Teamwork, Agility, Stamina, Anticipation Weaknesses: Jumping, Strength, Heading, Long Shots Description...
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    The Perfect Staff Room (theawaystand)

    Found this after someone uploaded it on Twitter. Very good guide which I'm sure will help a lot of people, instead of them asking who are the best staff all the time. "The Perfect Staff Room returns once again for this year, and it has been decided in the following way! Using mainly my...
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    Aquilani Disappeared?

    Sent him on loan to Fenerbahce for a year because I couldn't be bothered with his wages and he just didn't come back haha. I search him now and he doesn't come up and I didn't get a message saying he retired due to injuries or anything. Only way I can find his name is in my transfer history...
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    Semi Stillic (Lower/Mid Table Prem sides)

    Looks like a quality young player and my scout report said he could be available at around 1.5 million. I'm in my 3rd though so not 100% sure how much hes worth in 2010 sorry. Name: Semir Stillic Club: Lech D.O.B: 8/10/1987 Nationality: Bosnia Position: Attacking Midfield Agent...
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    Football Manager 2011 (14.99)

    Its gone down to 14.99 at HMV for anyone who still hasn't got it. http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetails.do?ctx=-1;6;-1;-1;42&sku=128937&_tag.WT.ac=pc%20games-PBODY-HC_PC_LEADTITLE-128937&affiliate=awin&awinuid=882&affId=47868&WT.mc_id=101915 Thought I'd let people know just incase haha.
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    Ryan Babel having abit of a breakdown on Twitter..

    What a little baby, why doesn't he just keep his mouth shut. Just proves why managers don't like players having Twitters. Ryan Babel Hey shall I tell u guys something .. Cause I agree with most what u saying bet let me tell u something that mite surprises u .. I wasn't allowed to train extra...
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    Tom Huddlestone faces three months out of action with an ankle injury

    Very bad news for Spurs and England (Good news for Palacios), hope hes back soon. The 23-year-old missed Saturday's win over Blackburn with the ankle problem and scans have confirmed the classy midfielder requires surgery on the injury . The surgery is set to sideline Huddlstone for up to...
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    Would be a very good buy for all championship sides and will only cost around 6k. Could probably provide backup for lower premiership sides. Name: Dakson (Dakson Soares da Silva Club: Campo Grande D.O.B: 11/7/1987 Nationality: Brazilian Position: Attacking Midfield Centre or Right Agent...
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    Found this guy when messing around with lower league tactics. Hes a strong experienced centre-back that would be a good signing for most championship sides and is also available to some league 1 sides. Free transfer and low wages. Name: Fabao Club: N/A D.O.B: 15.6.1976 Nationality...
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    Looking for a player...

    Someone clear this up for me... If there is a Looking for a player section on the forum and people are making threads like "Striker for Man United" why are people constantly posting in those threads saying use this thread (who should i buy sell) etc. What is the Looking for a player section for?
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    Left centre-back problem.

    For some reason I can never ever get a performance out of my left centre back (Wilson or Worldclass Regen)? I play them as a central defender (defend) and on the right side i play a limited defender but whoever plays on the left and in whatever role they always seem to play awful. The thing is...
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    Barca tactic (where Xavi makes loads of passes)

    Anyone know where the thread is for this tactic and who made it? I remember reading it a while ago and now i have a similar player to Xavi an wants to check it out. Anyone know which one I mean? where Xavi was making a stupid amount of passes and controlling the game...