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    CenterBacks: 2xCDs vs. CD + BPD?

    I play a 4-4-2 counter / very fluid as my go-to formation. Resorting to other mentalities only as plan B. In theory I like a CD with short-safer passing + BPD with riskier longer passes to spearhead counter-attacks. But when I browse through back-line formations in tactics posted up in the...
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    I.T. Geek Squads vs Hands-on Managers

    There are two lines of thought in FM as I see it. You can play FM traditionally by tweaking your own team instructions in-game, thus mimicking reality. Or load up "set'n'forget" tactics like TFF's famous series plus plenty of others. Some people seem deeply involved in tweaking TIs' and at...
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    Using a customized full tactic from download section - Set & forget they say???

    About these customized tactics. e.g. This tactic comes preset with "Counter" and a further instruction in the instructions "With higher rated teams you should use the Control version" So does this mean there is no manager - me - sitting on the sidelines barking instructions? No in-game...
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    Seeking FM16 Spreadsheet of all tactics tested

    Somewhere in the forum is an excellent post of FM16 tactics in-depth spreadsheet with all tactics tested and compared. I recall Battlemaster was #1. The thread is posted in this forum somewhere but i cannot find it. Anyone suggest a word or two I can use in the search engine or better still...
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    Do Famous FM Base Tactics e.g. "Demolisher" work for Vanarama misfits?

    FM Base has some amazing tactics e.g. Demolisher FM17, Battlemaster FM16 etc. The detail as to what player attributes are needed etc is amazing. However Vanarama or the suburban leagues are at best hopeless when it comes to meeting player criteria. So do I load up 'Demolisher' tactic for a...