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    Help with the Editor

    Hello fellow FM-enthusiasts, I've recently bought FM20, after having had a break since FM18. I just downloaded the 'Catalan Independence' database from the Workshop, and was wondering, is there a way to add the transfer restrictions from Athletic Bilbao, to FC Barcelona? I'm a huge Barca-fan...
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    Worth getting the game this late?

    Hello guys, I'm currently in a dilemma, and in need of a quick answer. Normally I'm one who pre-order the game, and play it a lot alongside FIFA. But this year, with how many new things there were in FIFA, I decided not to get FM. Now that I in anger destroyed my only controller, and don't...
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    Arsenal 3rd season

    Hello fellow FM-players, I'm currently in my 2nd season with Arsenal, 3rd season into the game. My first season I won the BPL and the Champions League, and I'm now looking to strengthen my team, since I only have 19-20 1st team players. Here is my current squad and the formation I'm using: What...
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    Tottenham 1st season

    Hi guys Just sold Harry Kane to Man U for 55m, so I need a new goalscorer. My preferred formation doesn't use a striker, so what I'm looking for is a Shadow Striker or a treq. I have 90m at my disposal, and I'm sure I can get another 30m
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    Hello fellow FM-players I have a question that needs to be answered. Just fired up a save with Southampton, and saw that I could get both Byram and Flanagan for 700k each. They both demand the same wages. Since their both english, and both young, I've decided to sign one of them, just can't...
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    How well/awfull would this MacBook run fm15 and fm16?

    Hello guys, A few weeks ago I bought a MacBook Air, mainly for school, been playing FM on the side with an old laptop. Sadly the laptop won't make the cut when it comes to playing FM16, can barely run FM15 without burning up :/ Question is, would my MacBook Air be able to run the game, and if...
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    Kubo - FC Barcelona

    Hello fellow FM fanatics I've just started a save with Porto to do the usual 4 steps 1. Find young talent 2. Buy said talent 3. Develop said talent into a world class player 4. Sell said talent for a major profit After having scouted the market I remembered this guy from my FC Barcelona save...
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    Surely this must be some sort of bug?!?!

    Just started a new save with Barcelona, thought it'd be fun trying to sell most of their non-La Masia players, and then only rely on the players from the academy. So of course I had to get rid of players like Neymar, Suarez etc. Since Suarez had just transferred, and had a transferban it'd be...
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    What's your biggest transferbudget?

    As the title indicates, what's the biggest transferbudget you've ever had? Currently playing with FC Barcelona, and just entered January 2018. Since I haven't really bought anything significant, have only used 10,75mil in the last to seasons, I've been given a transferbudget on a solid 356mil...
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    Adama Traore

    Playing as Barcelona, first season I decided to send him to West Brom on loan. He didn't play well, but still I decided to give him a chance for the 1st team. He got some matches in the Copa del Rey, and some easy league games, so at the end of the 1st half of the season his total was, 2 goals...
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    Your biggest win?

    As the title say, what's your biggest win. Personally I just kicked Portos *** in the 1/4-final in the CL 16-1, guess the 2nd leg won't be that exciting :P
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    How can this happen?

    Just checked the different CL-groups, 3rd season, and saw that there were 5 teams from the BPL, apperantly they couldn't agree on what teams should qualify :) Obviously this is some sort of bug, just wanted to know if anyone else has seen something similar to this :)
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    Best rightback

    So basically I'm looking for a rightback that's suited for for style of play, which is based on three groundstones: Possession, Short Passing, Attacking. The obviuos choice would be Dani Alves, but he's to old (2nd season, winter). Money's no problem.
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    Can you save Real Madrid?

    So basically I have this save were Real Madrid is straight-up dogshit. 12 games into the 2nd season their 12th, with a goaldifference on -12, Ronaldo has been released from his contract (due to a longterm injury), and Ancelotti has just been sacked. For some reason all the players energy is...
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    Does anyone know if the MLS is as attractive in FM, as it is in real life? Will it be impossible to sign a player like Zlatan (heavily rumoured to MLS when his contract expires) when his contract expires or when the price is low?
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    Have anyone seen something simlar this before?

    I'm currently managing my favourite team, the Catalan gigants FC Barcelona, when randomly checking up on Real Madrid, I couldn't find Ronaldo. After having done an individual search, I found him. What's weird is that he had been released from his contract, he's out with a fractured spine, that...
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    FC Barcelona injury rotation

    Recently started a save with FC Barcelona, but sadly I quickly began to pick up injuries. At the start of the season, both Pedro, Neymar and Suarez were out injured. And with Munir out on loan, I only really had one striker, 'The Messias'. Granted FC Barcelona are one of the best teams in the...
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    Selling coins

    As the title indicates, I'm selling coins (5mio). Anyone interested?
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    Wanayama + Arsenals Board = Ludacris Transfer Fee

    So I'm managing Arsenal, 1st season, and find myself in need of a defensive midfielder, ofcourse that'd have to be V. Wanayama. The only thing is, is that my scout said he'd be available for around 14m. and I only have 1m left. So I decided, full of hope, to ask the board if they wanted to help...
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    What I'm about to tell you, is according to myself, some real bullshit! I'm currently in charge of Tottenham, who's in great debt. Then the board decided to reward my current succes, with a boost in the transfer budget, went from 1mil to 8mil, but then litterally 2 days later, they decided to...