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  1. Steve*

    F*** the Super League Database(Nuked the 12 superclubs)

    I actually thought about doing that but I said I would rather punish last seasons relegated teams. glad you liked it :) For me Dortmund became a dominant force in Europe ( 6 CL titles in 8 years), its interesting seeing new teams take over!
  2. Steve*

    F*** the Super League Database(Nuked the 12 superclubs)

    Hi All, I created this DB for fun yesterday and simmed it to see what would happen. I'll explain exactly what's been done below. Feel free to give it a try for yourself. Moved the 6 English clubs to the Vanarama National League, promoted 6 teams from each the National League to Championship...
  3. Steve*

    FM21: Post Your Successes

    First season and save and managed to win the Irish Premier Division, Irish Champions Cup and the Irish League Cup. Alos made the group stages of the Europa Conference League and won 2 games in there so a nice little boost to my ranking all the same. Going to keep this one going until I have won...
  4. Steve*

    Premier League 2020/21 to 57/58

    Thats mad that City only got 4 titles compared to Liverpools 10 and Uniteds 14! Mind showing the CL winners in the same period?
  5. Steve*

    Are you excited for FM21?

    Last year it was about 4PM if I remember correctly, I would assume similar today. Doesnt stop me refreshing their twitter feed every few minutes though :)
  6. Steve*

    Hey Man, yeah been a long time. I haven't been on here much for the past 4-5 years, just lurking...

    Hey Man, yeah been a long time. I haven't been on here much for the past 4-5 years, just lurking really. Hope that you're keeping well?
  7. Steve*

    Are you excited for FM21?

    Yeah looking forward to it now, will get a good month at it before getting sucked into Cyberpunk 2077 in December then. I do causally run FM while working and get through a season a week so that will be my main way of getting a few seasons in!
  8. Steve*

    FM21 who are you going to go?

    First save this year will probably be my local club, Bohemians. Then I will also probably do a Liverpool save side by side with it also.
  9. Steve*

    Twitch accuiring Curse and thereby FM Base

    Seeing as FM Base is owned by Curse now this may be interesting to see as it has been bought out by Twitch. Will this mean the whole stories section will be replaced with a LetsPlay section?? :P All joking aside: Link to the article, may be of interest to some. Twitch is swallowing up the...
  10. Steve*

    Liverpool 2rd season GK, CB and ST £60M

    Just about to start my second season with Liverpool and looking to strengthen the squad. Im ideally looking for a starting GK, CB and also a ST. I have 60M to spend but i could also sell some more deadwood and get another 20-30M. Pretty much using the default squad apart from: Transfers in...
  11. Steve*

    Ticket Price issue

    Ok im in my 6th season with Parma( i enabled the lower leagues in italy) and currently in my 3rd season in Serie A. From wheeling and dealing im in the Europa League. Im trying to put in a decent title challenge but even after all this time my ticket prices are only £13 per game. Im just...
  12. Steve*

    Blast from the Past

    Hey there, some of you may remember me from being on here a few years ago. Im Steve from Ireland and a big Liverpool fan. I only play FM14 still but ill be keeping an eye out and getting my hands on FM16. Wont be a regular poster but ill be back on from time to time again.
  13. Steve*

    KotW Week 4

    European Champions Week Objective : Design a home/away and THIRD kit for any team that has won the UEFA Champions League. List of winners here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_European_Cup_and_UEFA_Champions_League_finals These rules must be followed at all times. Anybody failing to...
  14. Steve*

    PC Building thread

    As FM 14 is on its way out soon and with a large amount of people planning on getting a PC instead of next gen console I thought it would be useful to have a thread like this. If you are interested in building your own PC(its not rocket science) please fill out this template: 1. What is your...
  15. Steve*

    Kit of the Week Rules

    The following rules will apply to all Kit of the Week competitions. These rules must be followed at all times. Anybody failing to adhere to these simple rules will have their kits disqualified. If breaking of rules persist, ‘bans’ will be imposed (starting at one week, then two weeks...
  16. Steve*

    KotW League Week 1

    To kick the season off we will start off with a kit for a team that has never won the top league in England(Premiership/ Old First Division). You must create 3 kits(home/away and third) for this team. Picking a team that has already won the league will result in a DQ. Check fm for teams :)...
  17. Steve*

    Pre Order discussion and prices

    Thought it would be useful for people to post links of the cheapest place to pre order the game. Best I can find currently is €26.99(£23.01) at https://www.g2play.net/store/Footbal...Steam-Key.html
  18. Steve*

    KotW 2013-2014

    Now taking suggestions for KotW for the upcoming season. Any suggestions/people interested in helping to run it please reply in here. Have a few suggestions such as lowering the points given to each place. Introduce head to head friendly matches which also wield points(thanks to TheGuide for...
  19. Steve*

    Read your mind :)

    Seen this trick on tv last night and thought it was cool so thought i would share. Just follow the steps and I will predict your answer at the end. Dont click on the spoiler until you have completed all 8 steps as it will ruin the fun. Pick a number between 1 and 10 Now multiply that number...
  20. Steve*

    Bargain Gaming thread

    Post any gaming bargain you have found here. Can be for consoles, steam, origin, digital downloads etc here. Dont post full price games only bargains/bundles which represent good value vs their RRP.