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  1. DoubleR

    I'm in 2029 and I had the exact same champions league final as in real life!

    Im not managing one of the clubs to its totally random. In 2029 Chelsea is the one the won, so maybe its a prediction for real life too!
  2. DoubleR

    If you haven’t tried a journeyman save before, give it a go! Having so much fun with it

    So after years of watching Loki Doki (who has done a journeyman the previous years) I thought I would try it for myself. Normally I would just pick a one club save and after 3/4 years I would have totally lost interest, often winning it all. I had one longer run starting in the vanarama south...
  3. DoubleR

    What’s currently in your 3 tactic slots?

    Hi everyone! First of all I wanted to say that I love this community and the community that surrounds FM in general so proud to be a part of it. I only recently got my hands on FM 21 and I have noticed there are so many tactics. The table obviously helps but I was wondering: are there any...
  4. DoubleR

    What's currently in your 3 tactic slots?

    Hi everyone, We have had numerous testings threads this year, but for me the best test is what people are actually using and getting results with while really playing the game. So I thought why not share what we currently have in the three tactics slots of our main save/saves. That way people...
  5. DoubleR

    Tactic (Dragons) Den - Do you dare to enter?

    Hi everyone, I have had it with this patch, nothing seems to work or be consistent, plug & play does not seem to work and tactic testing seems dead. That's why I am offering a simple and clear way to (stress) test your tactic. Its a game in the dutch eredivisie, the predicted number 3...
  6. DoubleR

    Sticky(?): Do NOT post your downloadable tactics here, please read this!

    Hi there, Thank you very much for wanting to share your tactic with this great community, because of tacticians like you we are able to get much more enjoyment out of our games and keep this community going! This section here, however, where this sticky is posted, is only for tactical...
  7. DoubleR

    Best tactic on current patch

    Hello great people of this lovely forum :) Have not played the game since patch 15.2.1 and want to get back into it. Seeing that the current patch is 15.3.2 and I need some new tactics. I understand that there are multiple great tactics at the moment and seeing that there are so many I am...
  8. DoubleR

    Tactic Challenge: Help me beat Chelsea.... please!

    Hello everyone, My name is DoubleR and you might know me from my recent tactic testing thread: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-15-tactics/214223-test-tac-featuring-roma-vs-ado-den-haag-%5Bstress-test-tactics%5D.html I had great fun testing these tactics although what I did...
  9. DoubleR

    Test-a-Tac featuring AS Roma vs ADO Den Haag [stress test for tactics]

    Hello everyone, History Like most of you in this part of the forum, I have always been fascinated by the tactics that pop-up; what kind of beautiful things people are able to create with what is available and how much time and effort people put into these tactics. I have been playing FM since...
  10. DoubleR

    Which Team Should You Be!

    As an alternative to the always handy http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2015-discussion/183039-team-should-i.html thread, I bring you the: Which Team Should You Be! thread! The difference is in the name; instead of promoting what kind of club you want and letting other people give...
  11. DoubleR

    Chrisormie -- Twitch FM streamer (http://www.twitch.tv/chrisormie)

    Hi everyone, Recently I discovered ChrisOrmie (Link to Twitch channel / https://twitter.com/chrisormie) on Twitch and I have really enjoyed watching him stream and play this great game! He has very good and fun interaction with the chat (where you are also allowed to discussed what is happening...
  12. DoubleR

    Strange time schedule of beta and full release?

    Hello Everyone, Since FM has introduced a beta for people that pre-order.. 2013 I think? So for the last two years, I have always wondered how FM manages to pull this off. There are so many games that get to a gold/release/print status weeks before their release date, while FM seems to work...
  13. DoubleR

    Promoting the Dutch League (Eredivise)

    Hello everyone, Seeing that the beta for FM 15 is hopefully around a week away for us, I thought it would be a perfect moment to do some promotional work for the Dutch league called the eredivisie. Why you might ask? I love how people on these forums have certain clubs and leagues they either...