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    Adriano Leaves Corinthians

    Just thought I'd put this up, another club had wanted to see the back end to him. Does he not learn from his mistakes? What a waste of talent. --- Adriano and Corinthians have parted ways after his contract was terminated by mutual consent. The former Inter and Roma striker's contract was...
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    The Oscars

    So with the Academy Awards approaching comes the biggest event of the Movie business' calendar. Not particularly a great year for film, but it did have some hidden gems (who have not been nominated :| ). So in order to not flood this OP, I will link the nominees here. So, predictions...
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    Your Favourite Co-op games?

    Been looking to get another co-op game for the 360 lately to play with a friend over XBL. Not too sure what to get though. Both been tempted by Borderlands and Resident Evil 5 as neither of us have played them. I hear Dead Island is a fun co-op game to play, not had any experience on that...
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    2011 Copa América Discussion Thread.

    The 2011 Campeonato Sudamericano Copa América, better known as the 2011 Copa América or the Copa América Argentina 2011, is the 43rd edition of the Copa América, the main international football tournament for national teams in South America. The competition is organized by CONMEBOL, South...
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    FSM official announcement - Fenway undergo agreement.

    FSM official announcement Fenway Sports Management (FSM) today announced it will enter into a business partnership with LRMR Marketing & Branding. The agreement will align FSM's innovative sales and business development efforts, LRMR's marketing expertise and LeBron James and allow FSM in an...
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    Art Competition

    Vote on Poll please :). So Im in this Art competition run by a Scholl locally. And Im unsure as to what I want to enter, and the theme. And since I can get a poll up here I thought I should let you lot decide. So a basic rundown of the themes are: Music Animals Gaming Id like to know what...
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    Man City in Talks

    Man City are now in talks with Real Madrid over two possible siginings. Fernando Gago, an Argentinian anchor man who cost Madrid somewhere around 15m and Gonzalo Higuain one of their most valubale players last season. Discuss. Sky sports news Breaking News Currently.
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    La Liga Decider

    Barclona vs Valladolid [coverage on SS3] Barca win the league! Currently: Barca 4- 0 Valldolid [As of the 90th minute] Scorers: Pedro, Messi [x2], Luis Prieto OG Real Madrid 1 - 1 Malaga [via the red button] , Duda Who do you think and want to win the league. What will the scores...
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    Opinion needed for School

    Which of these images do you think looks better? I needed to do some photoshop work fo my IT section of Art. I have to hand one in and yes i am going to expand it. Please tell me..
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    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Who has plaed and/or finished this? I recently bouth this for £20, haven't played it much yet but already seems worth the price tag. I like the riddles particuarly, keep me engaged anyway. --------- The story so far has kept me interested and i enjoy the weaponry available. Your views.
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    Error Message.

    Got this error message. Searched but didnt find the same error message. If you could re-direct me to an existing thread similar then post me a link. Thanks
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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2

    Anyone still play this besides me? It is one of my favourite all time Shooters. If so, post your rank, favourite game mode, favourite gun ect. I recently got back into playing this. I am: Rank: Elite (Silver Elite) Gun: Aks-74u Mode: Attack & Defend Character Type: Purple with blue Beret :D Map...
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    Jon lajoie

    Anyone else watch these vids on youtube, he's a beast. Some may be offensive. YouTube- Rapist Glasses YouTube- Dating Tape YouTube- Show Me Your Genitals
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    Celso Borges

    Anyone on here ever sign him. I got him in my 3rd season for Southampton. Hes young also and can be picked up on the cheap. Unfortunately in the first season it is his first at that club so you gotta wait until atleast January. He is great for mid table sides. And dont let his poor physical...
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    Liverpool To Sign Maxi Rodriquez

    Not sure how reliable the source is(http://www.lfconline.com/news/tmnw/reds_prepare_for_first_signing_of_2010_479763/index.shtml?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter) but i certainly wouldnt mind him in a 'pool shirt. Hes a great player. However there is bad news, the possibility of...
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    Burnley 2nd Budget

    In my second season now and just got an insane budget, especially for such a small expectation. In the First season i finished 14th and only 1 point from 11th :(.
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    Editor still won't work

    Ive looked through so many of these threads were someone can't find the editor, despite all the advice give i still can't find it. Helpwould be greatly appreciated.
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    Liverpool vs Arsenal

    Anyone else watching this, hope Alberto scores a free kick in the 90th min to win the game. To all Arsenal fans Good Luck. ;) What do you think the score will be? 2-1 to 'The Pool' Alberto Dave n'gog Ramsey / eduardi
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    Davenport Charged

    Calum Davenport has been charged with assult in the incident which saw him stabbed in both legs. I don't know all the details but if someone could find out it would be appreciated. Weird, he gets stabbed and gets charged with assult.
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    Walcott Transfer

    I just asked for £52M to scare them off and they come in with an offer:O More money than sense.