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  1. Z

    NewGAN Facepack

    had anyone successfully tried this with older version of FM? I'm still on FM11 though
  2. Z

    Let's talk about Tactic Testing for FM21

    because I felt the later version become too technical and cluttered. I wanna play games, not actually managing clubs lol
  3. Z

    2-3-1-3-1 MigPost

    Would be better if you could post the tactics with English.
  4. Z

    Let's talk about Tactic Testing for FM21

    I'm not planning to install newer version of FM, still stuck with FM11. However I'm excited to use such features in this forum site. Looking forward onto it! (y)
  5. Z

    Where are all the tactics, training files?

    Hopefully mods could help with previous uploaded files. Or maybe they were moved to different forum threads?
  6. Z

    Mixed feelings.

    Hi folks! It had been quite some time since last I'm login to this site. Quite amazed to see how far the site had grew.
  7. Z

    FM Mobile 2017 - anyone?

    I just installed FMM2017 on my phone, because my PC no longer works due to broken monitor. Trying to find discussion about FMM2017, and my first thought is FM-Base. So does anyone played this game before? Might as well share some tips? especially on how to analyse player performace, setup...
  8. Z

    Hello Here, Hello There

    Good day everyone, My name Zaiddin, I'm from Malaysia. I start playing FM since 2008, and my first venture into management was with Penang FA. And my first achievement was saving their *** from being relegated from Malaysian Super League. And I'm still proud with that, heheh. I'm active at...