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    How far would you go to sign a player? money-wise

    Just wondering how far would you go for a player, as in the transfer fee. Its really tough to get certain players due to their value as a player and their value to the club, so lets say im about to buy a 15m striker(just an example), how far would you go to get him? Would you rather find a...
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    National team call up raid.

    The challenge is to manage a club team and during the world cup, continental cup, the national team manager calls up at least 9 out of your starting 11 players at once. sounds easy doesnt it (6) . i think ive seen a thread like this, im not sure. lets see how it goes. im going with italy for...
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    Tactical advantage of formations with single,double or triple strikers?

    I have had so many different results with single striker formations, 2 striker formations and 3 striker formations. Kinda getting tired of choosing either one every 1 or 2 seasons to suit the team. So i just wana ask the tactical/financial benefits of: Single striker system (complete...
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    AC milan Strikers.

    3rd season in Ac milan. Need 2 strikers. my current strikers are Ibrahimovic Robinho Pato Cardozo i play a 3 striker formation, inzaghi is retiring and i have a really useless Adiyah who cant do a thing so im selling him. So i need 2 strikers, one wonderkid or a youngster and another backup or...
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    Question on coaches and their effectiveness?

    Will one, 5 star coach make more effect, or will two, 4 star coach make more effect? I pick the best ability of the coach and set him to that one attribute, so all of my coaches give out 4, 4.5,even 5 star ratings. But i have 1 coach for each training attribute. So does the amount of coaches...
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    De Ja Vu!! have you played a match, which results turned out to be a real match?

    ill be looking back on my fixtures and then post the screenie with an article of a real match. quite incredible that i got the exact scoreline and same players to score :) post up yours if you have any.
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    Has anyone brought up a youth product and retired him in the same club? e.g. maldini

    Just wondering, i never managed the same club for more than 10 years so i havent done this. Currently in season 2 of my challenge. about 15 more seasons to go lol. Has anyone managed to bring a youth product all the way to retirement? i think some of us would be interested in screenshots of...
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    my tactic's left and right striker have same roles and settings but play differently?

    Not sure if i gotta post this here or in the players section, but im playing a 4-1-2-3. i have poachers(or inside forwards, i change them once a while) on the outer 2 striker slots and a deep lying forward in the middle. The two outer poachers have the exact same setting but robinho plays on...
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    Help with number of players in a squad?

    How many players is too much or too little for a squad, a big european giant.Formation plays a part as well, im playing 4-1-2-3, with 3 strikers, 1 defensive mid, 2 central mid, 2 centerbacks and 2 fullbacks. So how many of each players should i have? Currently i have 29 players in my first...
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    Players with high PA vs players who perform well over time?

    So we all know (and can find out pretty easily) players with high PA. namely balotelli,kroos,lukaku,veratti etc. Their PA only means that their stats would grow to a massive amount, resulting in them having great skills. So my first question is: does it mean that players with lower CA or PA...
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    What would you consider as a corner bug?

    David Luiz got almost 10 goals in one season, i set the best header, usually my stopper as the man on the far post and set the corner to be in the 6 yard box(which is what ive been doing for the last 2 FMs). He has incredible aggression,heading,positioning and jumping, so his stats justify he...
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    Italian Rb and Cm/Dm

    Need a RB/RWB and a CM or DMC. RB: Has to be capable of defending well. And has to be comfortable bombing forward to attack, although i dont need him to be a Dani Alves or Phillip Lahm. CM: Has to be able to have decent stamina due to closing down, good tackling and needs some creativity in...
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    Sokratis Papastathoupolous best position?

    He is a central defender by nature, and his stats assure you of that. but ive played him as right back several times as a subsitute for Zambrotta and he is pretty good running up the flanks, and his crossing was pretty good, despite only having 1 assist in the 4 games ive played him as a Right...
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    AC milan Goalkeeper.

    I have abbiatti and roma as gks for now but they are injury addicts. Marco Amelia is on loan for on season and he is decent. is he worth buying? But id like a solid goalkeeper that i can use throughout the game, for like 10 seasons without change. Would love him to be an italian, or a EU...
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    Robinho is failing on me :(

    He is homesick, and he cant settle into Italy.im managing milan, using the update. And i gave him a 1 month compassionate leave but he still has a slight concern and his performance is letting my team down very hard, we just lost 2-1 to udinese with him losing balls cheaply and missing 3 good...
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    Do homegrown players necessarily have to be the same nationality as the league?

    im playing in Serie A so do my homegrown players have to be italian or do they jsut have to be trained between 17-21 in my club?
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    What exactly is a poacher, i still dont understand.

    Because my definition of the best poachers are players like Nistlerooy, inzaghi,owen, amauri, raul. You know, the players who know where the net is without looking, the players who pounce on loose balls in an instant, the predators of the penalty box. These veterans who have above 18 for...
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    The forgotten wonderkid, Lulinha

    Anyone still remember the CM/AMC lulinha?? hes a from a brazillian team, i signed him in 08/09 and he was class. dont know if he exists in 10 though.
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    Do you feel wasteful when you play an AMC in MC?

    i always feel like im wasting his attacking talents when i play an AMC in MC. is it true or what? specifically players like gourcuff,ronaldinho,vukcevic. do they still play the same levels despite their roles?
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    How do you get your tactic to be more consistent?

    I have had some great games, but against lower clubs and certain big clubs my tactic failed big time. How do you make it more consistent? is it mainly based on a player's consistency?