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    Leaking far too many goals

    I am managing Swansea and am currently 13th in the table in the first season, which in itself isn't so bad. However, I have conceded a **** of a lot of goals (44 in 20 games) and after carefully trying to sort a tactic out, I have ultimately failed. Here below is a couple of screenshots of...
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    Hello FM-Base, I know how it looks and I am sorry to be on here advertising a site once again, but this is one that could really help you and has some absolutely eye opening articles on there. Push Them Wide | Football, tactics and FM12 blog Pushthemwide is a blog featuring articles written...
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    The Away Stand

    The Away Stand First of all, Hi guys, it has been a while :) TheAwayStand.co.uk is a football manager discussion website that has now been running for around two years. Here, we focus on not only discussion, but bringing you top quality content and also downloadables. We have plenty of top...
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    E Pluribus Unum

    Jesus steps down Today has shook the very foundations of Sport Lisboa e Benfica as manage Jorge Jesus has stepped down from his post as head coach. Jorge Jesus has managed Benfica since June 2009, when he took over from the struggling Quique Flores. In his first year with the Reds, he led...
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    Dan's Kit Request Thread

    Hey guys, now I am back on Base I would like to get into making kits again! Please follow the rules: 1. Don't request a kit here that you have already requested elsewhere, or request a kit elsewhere that I have just made. 2. Use the template provided, or I will ignore your request. 3. You...
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    The Battle of the Toon II

    The Tale of Two Magpies and a Wanderer Ashley is at it again Newcastle United fans must be questioning when Mike Ashley will ever stop messing around with their football club. Mike Ashley has never hidden from controversy and this trait continued with what we learned earlier this morning...
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    Gary Neville Academy - Class of 2011

    Mac. The first of Neville's graduates is Scottish 15 year old Chase Status, Chase's main position is as an attacking midfielder and he is already popular with sides such as Bolton and Fulham. Dan The second product of the academy is englishman Daniel Oakes, but he likes to be known as...
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    Premier League Darts Prediction League

    Premier League Darts Prediction League So, the Premier League Darts season starts tonight and will be on, every Thursday night for a few months now, so I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a prediction league for it. Each match is best of 14 legs, and to win, the players must win...
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    Dan's Betting Game

    Well, here goes. Tiraths started one of these games but through work and what not he did not get round to keep updating it so I thought it would be a good idea to start afresh. I will be looking for 20-30 reliable participants and I will start once I get these. I will add a 300 post limit...
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    Dan's Atlético Madrid Guide

    Welcome to Dan's guide on the second team in Madrid, Atlético Madrid Club Information Club Name: Club Atlético de Madrid, S.A.D. Chairman: Enrique Cerezo Division: Liga BBVA Last year: 9th Nicknames: Atléti, Los Colchoneros Rivals: Real Madrid, Espanyol, Barcelona, Sevilla, Osasuna Manager...
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    We are Red, We are White, We are Spanish Dynamite

    This will be my first story for FM 2011 and I hope all who have followed my stories will follow this one here and when it goes on to the blog system. So, without further ado, here I go again...
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    Need help with a Facepack

    Calling all graphics producers! Would anyone mind making me a facepack for my Harchester United database if I provided you with the photos and unique IDs? If someone could, that would be fantastic! ---------- Post added at 04:07 AM ---------- Previous post was yesterday at 10:29 PM ----------...
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    Harchester United - The Return of the Dragons

    Harchester United - The Return of the Dragons I completed this database for Football Manager 2010 which placed fictional Dream Team football club, Harchester United into last years game and I am intent on doing the same for Football Manager 2011. The original database can be found here ...
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    Will you carry on playing?

    I was just wandering what you guys were going to do? When Football Manager 2011 comes out, will you kick 2010 in to touch completeley or will you carry on playing it. I for one will carry on with FM 10 due to prolonging my West Ham story. Let us know what you think Much Love Dan
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    Crawley seek former Arsenal star

    http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12094_6460363,00.html Just wondering what you all thought about this, just saw it on the Sky Sports website. Would hate to play Crawley any time soon if it was true. Surely he would own the Blue Square?
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    Lumezzane - Anyone

    Hi, I have just started the unemployment challenge and taken over Lumezzane in Italian Serie C1/A and I have £325K to spend. Anyway, I have been having quite a bit of trouble trying to find players that will come to me. If anyone has had any experience in this area, could you please help me...
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    Dan's Kit Request Thread

    I know, you may be thinking, another request thread. Oh well, I have been here before and I am up for it again. Rules: Only people with 50 posts or over may make requests If you have made your request on another thread, I will not do your kits and you will be banned from the thread for 2...
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    Dan's Auction Game - The Story

    Finally, after weeks of effort and building up the teams. Here are the squads for my auction game. On the next update, I will set your best eleven and tactics up and then show you your best lineup. Once I get the tactics done, full steam ahead! Thanks Dan
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    Dan's Auction Game

    yAfter a while thinking about it, I have decided to start my own version of the phenomenon known as the Auction Game. The players have already been confirmed. Mr. T - Wacko Jacko's Bumders Ronan - Jeff Redders - Norfolk 'N' Chance Dunc - Deportivo Lackability Tiraths - Robben's Revenge Cam! -...
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    Best Free Anti-Virus Program

    Can I ask you guys a question? What is the best anti-virus software that you cn download for free off the internet? I cant really afford to be paying for it at the moment. I used to have AVG before I had to restore my laptop to factory settings but have not redownloaded that yet in case there...