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    should I sell bonaventura for £50 million...2nd season as ac milan patch 17,3

    should I sell bonaventura for £50 million? Just starting my 2nd season as ac milan patch 17,3, finished 2nd to juve by a point. already got a 30 million transfer kitty, but could be 50 million if i sell him (club only allows so much of transfer revenue) and who to replace with? can get savic...
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    Looking for a instant impact tactic for the challenges

    Playing as Chelsea i'm struggling with the injury crisis challenge. Ive tried various ones already, including the king jasser one but you start in Jan so theres no time to build up familiarity The good thing is you can buy new players to replace the injured ones but I still cant win. Normally...
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    Kweuke out, Destro or Facundo Ferreyra in?

    Southampton 2nd season Just got 4th Destro will cost 5 million, FF 7mill Kweuke had an ok season but the fans say they are disappointed in him He got plenty of games alright. I play 2 strikers in the KISS modern warefare 4-4-2 tactic. A CF and a AF Still looking for defenders and wingers as...
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    Wingers for Southampton 1st season Jan window

    Badly need wingers for Southampton first season. Playing 4-4-2 KISS version of modern warfare. Only have Lallana and Gaston. COuld play AMR\aml's I suppose. The usual big names still wont come thanks t
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    How do you guys find these players like Strandberg, Drage etc?

    As per the post, just how do you find these guys? Strandberg has been immense for me, nearly an 8 average and scores goals and is very very cheap! Yet when I scout him, he comes up as decent for Championship at best and even after a few games he is now 2.5 stars and decent for premiership (I am...
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    Abel Hernandez

    Yes I know he is well known, but I wanted to let people know that he can be picked up very cheaply in season 1 and for teams like Southampton The lowest I have manged to get him is £5.5 million which is 200k upfront, 5 million over 24 months and 500k after 30 appearances He's a great striker
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    Kiss with wingers?

    Im using the KISS version of modern warfare and wondered if there is a wingers version of it? thanks
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    £30 million to spend on...SOUTHAMPTON Jan 2013

    You may remember me from such posts as "good players who will sign for Southampton" Well I took the advice started a new save and finally settled on a 4-2-2-2 Bayern Tactic which is working nicely. This new save has one big difference to the old one. Ive been given a £30 mill jan transfer...
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    Good players for teams like Southampton with only a National reputation

    So, Playing Southampton, first Jan transfer window and most of the big name and wonder kids arent interested in joining. So who is out there that will improve the squad straight away and grow in the future? Im looking at all positions, but especially goalkeeper, strikers and wingers Obviously...
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    A Southampton Story

    Using Qetesh's brilliant tactic currently 3rd with a game in hand http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-tactics-training/116165-13-3-2-4-3-2-1-southampton-double-champions-his-first-season-led-them-shoot.html You only get £5.75 transfer budget so I had to do a bit of wheeling...
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    Best Strikers of FM2013

    Anyone found the best strikers yet? I assume Falcao, but maybe Ademilson? Rodrigo? Any good bargain ones like Carlos Fierra was last time? need to delete, just seen the other thread
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    Who is the League 1 Darwin Quintero? (and other good league 1 players)

    Signing Darwin Quintero for a championship side pretty much gets you instant promotion. Is their a league 1 type player? Just started a new save with MK Dons, so no money thanks
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    Malicious Website

    I run Malwarebytes AV latest version and I always get an alert on this website "Successfully blocked access to a potentially malcious website type outgoing port 49627 Process iexplore.exe Any comments?
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    Looking for AMR like Alex Oxide Chamberlain

    May 2013, Playing as Chelsea, so AOC wont come to me, so looking for a similiar talent Maybe Gokhan Tore? Currently have Ezequiel Lavezzi and Danny Sturridge, Have bought Oscar in the past and just fancy a change!
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    Should I give up on Carlos Fierro?

    He never turns into the goal machine that he is for other people, is it time to sell up? Doumbia and Jovetic still score more! Using Raikens Perfect 4-3-3 DM
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    Highest Loan fee?

    Whats the highest loan fee you ever got? I just got offered £23.5 million from Barca and Real Madrid for a regen defender and its only cover for the first team!
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    Can my multiple title and CL winning team be improved? (thanks Raik)

    The Year is 2017 and Southampton is about to launch yet another trophy winning season thanks to Raik's perfect 4-3-3- DM tactic and the players below. (Thanks Raik for most of the suggestions!) But some of them are getting a bit long in the tooth and I want to shake things up a bit with REAL...
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    Shoulkd I sell a nearly a 31 year old Cavani

    Cavani is nearly 31, time to sell? 30th June 2017 He was injured a lot last season and Doumbia and Jovetic are still banging them in, plus Fierra is starting to score nicely
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    Too late for Marco Verratti?

    Kept hearing how great this guy is, so Ive signed him but my scouts are very underwhelmed! Is it worth playing him? Year is July 2016
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    Viewing registered players

    Is there a way of viewing your squad registered for the league by position strength? Or better still, your Champions league squad? Its hard to see if you have enough cover at all the positions been buggin me for ages! thanks