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    Young Players needed - Valencia 1st season

    Starting a save with Valencia and trying to replicate Monaco irl - buying young attack minded players and selling for huge money whilst trying to get top 4. Have £10-20m to spend. Maybe more if I can offload some. Any position but a striker, cm and cb are key. Would prefer if all players are...
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    Has anyone made a tactic replicating Monaco this season and whether it can achieve similar amounts of goals scored?
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    How do you defend crosses in this game?

    Every goal I score and concede comes from a cross of some nature. How do you prevent it?
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    Conceding direct free kicks EVERY match?

    I dont actually understand how I can prevent this. I'm doing everything in my power to stop my players tackling so aggressively to reduce the amount of fouls but EVERY single game and believe me when I say "every" game i am conceding a worldie free kick against me. I checked number of fouls and...
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    So many injuries!

    Getting so many injuries in training its ridiculous. Have top training facilities and good coaches and physio's. Hardly any injury prone players in my squad yet I get 1-2 injuries in training every single week and then even more during games. Average training workload, drop to low intensity in...
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    Best database to start a save?

    What leagues/database size/players would you guys recommend to ensure there are plenty of players but also that the game runs fast? I loaded all the main leagues with a couple of smallers ones, most only the top division except England, with a large database and I got a 2* game speed rating...
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    Cheapest place to buy FM17?

    Best I can find is £26. Official steam/site price is £35. Anyone know of anywhere cheaper? Or tell me this, is the full game worth 30 quid this year?
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    Whats FM 17 like?

    Played every game since FM11 and was wondering if this years is a big improvement from 16? Match engine, bugs, tactics, much bs etc?
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    Regen Siblings?

    I knew you could have a son on FM but I just got a youth intake and there was a regen who is the brother of two of my real life players. Anyone else had this?
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    Advice on my 3 tactics...?

    Standard Tactic - Will be starting pretty much every match with this providing its effective. Attacking Tactic - Deployed when I need to score. More creative freedom. Direct passing from the deeper players and shorter passing amongst the attacking players with more freedom and roaming. Very...
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    Hitting the woodwork, 15+ shots on target per match, opponents always more clinical..

    First things first, this is not a rage or frustration post, this is a question/advice thread. Managing Chelsea, got arguably one of the best squads in the world after a few seasons, won the league only losing 1 game the previous season and reached UCL final with 2 main tactics. However, this...
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    Top Deep Lying Forwards

    Suggestions? Any value. Second season. Must be a good DLF
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    Cannot sell players...

    Just offered Oscar, who is valued at £35m and deemed a quality player, for £0 and only 3 clubs were interested, the likes of Mainz and Fiorentina...Only 3 teams when you offer a top player out for nothing. Now when I actually try and make a satisfactory fee out of him no one is interested??? Oh...
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    Staff search page buggy and slow?

    Rest of game works fine except this page. Super slow, laggy and un-responsive. Is this for everyone or is it just mine?
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    OP Full Backs?

    Haven't had this game long so sorry if this is a pretty well known issue but has anyone found Full Backs on this game to be extremely over powered? Nearly every full back in my game is getting ridiculous match ratings, assists etc regardless of attributes and compared to some previous years...
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    Players shooting from the bye-line

    How is this still happening every single game? This has been in FM since forever and SI still dont fix it or at least tone it down. There could literally be 5 teammates in the box waiting for a pass but every time the player, regardless of attributes, will always go for the shot. Always.
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    Cheapest place to buy FM16?

    Dont want any pirated/illegal suggestions please. Been out for a while now and not having it is driving me mad. Cheapest place to buy it?
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    My record breaking season - ridiculous amount of goals!

    Hello FMers. I have just encountered perhaps my best ever season and best team on FM. I thought i'd share it with you. I generally cannot believe the amount of goals i scored! 152 league goals! An average of 4 per game. Absolutely ridiculous! I averaged around 30+ shots every game and won the...
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    First team football bug?

    Start of the season, two games in and a regen moans that he's not playing enough. 1. He's a youngster, a rotation player in a league-winning team. 2. 2 games into the season give me chance! and the funniest of them all.... 3. He's been away with the international squad all summer so hasn't...
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    Losing Interest - Help Needed!

    Every year I get to this stage of the footballing calendar and I cannot motivate myself to play FM. I stopped playing my long-ish save and cannot get back into that, nor can I start a new save with any enthusiasm. I have had a good 2-3 week break also, so i'm not exactly burned out... Yet, I...