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    Jo & Vagner Love

    i remembered having these two for my liverpool save in FM08 and they were scoring30 goals a season each, so i thought it try re-pair them up as jo was going cheap, and i got wanger love for like 13mil. any suggestions on how to play them together? i dont expect the sort of partnership i had in...
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    starting at the top or the bottom?

    just wondering as ive never played a game properly starting as a big club, do you get the same sort of enjoyment, or do you feel better knowing youve earned those wins, and job offers that follows I dont mean top 4 teams or european giants.... just top flight teams? im thinking of burnley or...
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    defence or attack?

    Im playing with 'Boro (good knows why... maybe i thought it would be a challenge). Im on the brink of winning the championship in my 1st season and was just looking ahead. Is attack the best form of defence, in which case should i spend the majority of next years budget on strikers who will...
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    selected leagues

    I always tend to selct the top 2 leagues from france, germany, italy & spain, then England down to league two. have done since the earlier FM games, however i can never remember ever managing in germany or france, or below the top flight in italy or spain. would i be better served cutting...
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    How do international players develop?

    not sure if this is the correct section (so please no shouting if it is) If i were to manage say, Algeria or Andorra, and i took them to a top 10 ranked team in the world, then kept them there, would the players available to me eventually start coming through who are a higher calibre than i...
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    Good UK prospects

    Josh McEachran - CM - Chelsea Danny Welbeck - ST - Man Utd Daniel Sturridge - AML/ST - Chelsea Adam Pepper - AMC - Liverpool John Bostock - AMC - Tottenham Ravel Morrison - AMRC...
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    johan mas

    has anyone tried him 14 year old at le mans... semi decent stats, but at 14 surely must be worth a punt with all that time to train him?
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    david beckham & fat ronaldo??

    my dilemma is this do i sign fat ronaldo for less than 1mil, and beckham for a free in dec. im sunderland and have signed 2 decent wingers in tranquillo barnetta LW, and angel di maria from benfica to play the right. ronaldo and beckham are advancing in years but are they worth the wages for...
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    ive always looked into the possibility of making a database of legends, but always found that opinions differ from player to player (i rate maradona as the greatest of all time, my grandad rate gairrincha.... yet my dad isnsists had george best of been brazilian he would take the tag). also, is...
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    Loan players for lower league clubs

    anyone know any good loan signings i can realistically get in on loan for league 2 club?
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    TheCaptain of the Countryside - A Lincoln story

    due to an unfortunate late night power cut putting pay to my chanced of conquering the world with morcambe, i was determined not to be put off my first endeavour into FM2010 lower league management. For no other reason than i once visited as a child and i liked all the grass, and the fact some...
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    Morcambe - from picking cockles, to picking up trophies

    so after playing a number of games to get a feel of the new engine ive decided to settle into a game, and see how far i can go. Morcambe seemed like the most ridiculous club ever to be competing in europe, so on that basis ive picked them and thats what i aim to do. could my appointment be the...
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    Vuckic - Newcastle Youth

    I was raiding newcastles youth squad as i have no money to buy players. I promoted Vuckic from the youth ranks and he seems to be scoring for fun as a poacher, playing off a target man. only pre-season, but he has 3 in 4
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    rade prica

    started a new game with sunderland (ive been struggling to find a team to start with, but finally settled). coming to the end of pre season and rade prica has been an absolute machine for me. 5 games 7 goals with games against celtic, west ham, and anderlecht. anyone used him to any reasonable...
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    championship players

    need some good players who will come to QPR
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    editing club badges - help?

    alright. myself and a friend decided wed have a bit fun and make our own clubs by editing the bottom 2 teams in the blue square north, anming them and everything. i was just wondering if theres a way i can edit an individual clubs team badge, and place my own image in its place
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    liverpool worry

    i noticed liverpool start with a massive debt. does that become a problem in later years when that debt has to be repaid?
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    russian league

    ive started a new game in the russian league with FC Moscow im expected to finish 6th i think. just wondering about good young players who might be willing to move to me? never played this league before and i havent played the game for a while so ive forgot most my usual purchases, apart from...
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    am i the only one still preferring this game?

    ive played 09 for 3 seasons, and for the life of me i cant think why, but im just prefering 08. i think im gonna start a new 08 game. i think my record was reach 2053 previously with 4 coutries running, i think i might go for a bigger game this time with more countries and see how i get on
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    Accrington Stanley

    in FM 08, being a liverpool supporter, I set about taking their small affiliate club Accrington to champions league glory. i set a 10 year plan to reach the prem in action, a bit ambitious but i took hereford to 2nd in prem in 11 years in a previous game, so i though with the liverpool...