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    Managing in Russia

    Im currently managing Dinamo in Croatia and kicking *** (not particularly hard, Champions League is what im trying to progress in though) and I just got an offer from CSKA. They have a decent squad and good budget/good salary space too so im tempted to jump ship and give it a try. Im just...
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    Improvement on State of the Art?

    Im playing as Villarreal and the development of my youth facilities has just finished and is now "State of the Art". The next day just for the sake of it I asked the board to improve my youth facilities and to my surprise they agreed and accepted. The upgrades will cost £2.7m but what comes...
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    Manager Relationships

    How many types of "manager relationships" are there? I have only seen "feels the two of you could become friends" and "has a fairly poor opinion of you". Are there any other where you actually are friends or managers who actually come to hate you?
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    Leagues to load

    I am going to start a game as Truro in the BSS. Which leagues would everyone recommend loading? Obviously England to the lowest tier but what else...?
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    Warned by the FA

    I got asked in a press conference if I should have got a penalty or not so I said that perhaps the officials got it wrong. Next thing I know I have a warning from the FA and the board are "displeased" with the attention placed on the club. Managers say that officials got decisions wrong week in...
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    Release clauses

    Searched this and various other forums and couldnt find an answer to this. I have a couple of young players in my team who are going to to become world class players (sime vrsaljko and a portuguese regen) and were starting to attract attention from big clubs. So I offered them new contracts and...
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    Where does David Beckham move to on your save?

    Title says it all. After Beckham's contract runs out at LA Galaxy where has he moved to in your game? I was plaing as Dinamo and tried to sign him on a free as a gimmick to get extra merchandise sales, instead he went to Real Betis(?!) and played 4 games for them before being moved down to...
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    How far backs to do fans remember?

    Im playing as Dinamo and at the end of the 2nd season my star centre back, Tonel, left on a free to Besiktas as he refused to negotiate a new contract. He was getting on a bit and only probably had one or two decent seasons left in him but the fans are pretty ****** as he was a club icon and the...
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    Leandro Damiao - Injuries

    Im playing as villarreal and in 1st season I managed to finish 4th no doubt because of Guiseppe Rossi's 20 league goals, but come the summer Man City came in with a £45m bid which met his release clause :'(:'(:'(:'(:'( I needed a new striker in so I chose to get Damiao because I've seen people...
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    Relegation issues?

    I'm playing as Dinamo in the Croatian first division. In the first season there were 5 relegation spots, but only one team was promoted from the second division so the league has now shrunk from 16 to 12 teams. I doubt this is how its meant to work, anyone know a fix for it?
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    Release on a Free

    When you go to the "Transfers & Contracts" menu of a player and then release the player on a free, a little pop-up usually comes up saying how much compensation you need to pay and asks you if youre sure. I accidently pressed "Don't show this message again" but kind of want it back. Anyone know...
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    Mid-season break

    For the first time playing in a league with a sizeable mid-season break from mid-december to the end of february. What do you guys usually do during the break? I was thinking of giving the players around 2 weeks off and then organize a friendly every weekend until the season starts again...
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    Who should be my parent club?

    I'm playing as Dinamo in the Croatian League and have options as to who to choose as my parent club. Who would you lot choose out of these options and why? Besiktas Espanyol PSV FC Twente Cheers for the replies
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    Cypriot Challenge

    After being inspired by APOEL Nicosia's qualification into the champions league knockout stages I decided I wanted to try and see whether I could turn them into the champions of europe and also try to use this to improve the national team This is similar to a couple of C&C challenges that I...
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    Cypriot Leagues

    I've searched and couldn't find any so I started this thread. Does anyone have a database with cypriot leagues in available for upload as im really interested in starting a club and country save with a club and the national team? Cheers
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    Weird National Team Rankings

    Anyone seen a national team in a really weird ranking? On my game England are currently ranked #1 and Brazil..... Looking at their recent results theyve done pretty poor but I wouldnt expect them to move down that far. Even Scotland are ahead of them
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    FA Cup Final

    So I managed to get to the FA Cup final against Chelsea, but came on a wednesday. Whats the deal with that? I had a premiership game afterwards on the saturday and then the final day of the premiership the following saturday? Bug?
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    ISFA National Cup

    BOODLES ISFA CUP FIXTURES :: ISFA Is anyone at all involved in this years ISFA Cup? If so what school are you playing for? Im not particularly looking forward to playing Eton next week but hoping for a big upset! :P
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    Vladimir Antonov

    Im playing on LFCMarshall's latest update as Portsmouth. It was getting on towards the January window when Lyon come in with an offer for BenHaim. He had been playing epic recently and was worth 2.1m and the offer was £3m. So when my chairman (Antonov) accepts this "on my behalf" I was kind of...