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    Beta is Live.

    Let the download begin
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    Poached Youngsters

    Most disappointed to see this pop up on my screen, especially when I currently lie 4th in Div 2 and have just qualified for the playoffs whilst Morecombe are sat in 14th, I could understand if it was a team higher up in the pyramid but not lower in the same division. Oh well his lost I guess...
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    A White Rose Challenge or I am I a Yorkshire Pudding.

    Introduction: I’ve been playing FM since the early days starting off with Championship Manager 2 way back in the ‘90’s and every quise since. Normally I stick to a few clubs usually in the top leagues (I still have a save going in FM18). However, last year I though I would set myself a...
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    Ronaldo Veira

    Has anyone else had experience of signing Ronaldo Veira, I signed him from Sampdoria (paid 6.5m for him) in my Man Utd save as a back up to Pogba in the midfield. Not long after Pogba got injured so I put Veira in as the DLP (I didn't fancy Fred or Pereira in the role and didn't want to change...
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    A Female AI Manager of a Football League Team

    I know you are now able to select your *** at the begining of a game but this is the first time I have seen an AI team in England being managed by a female. I noticed it whilst playing as Salford in the second season and she seems to be doing ok so far 8th in league 2. Has anyone else seen...
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    Release Date for FM19 has been Announced

    I've just gone in to Steam to have the message that FM19 will be released on 2 Nov. There is once more the 10% discount for early purchase (with access to the Beta included).
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    Percy Tau - Potential Right Wing Genius

    I wonder if anyone else has managed to get this young winger for their team. I managed to get him for my Celtic save (I'm trying to win the Champions League with them) at the end of the first season for £250.000. He's proving to be a good crosser of the ball as well as contributing on the goal...
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    Where to Start my next Save....

    Over the years I've mainly concentrated my game saves to the top two leagues in England. Although I have had excellent saves in the Scottish leagues and China (I currently have a long term save going on with a lower league English team). Usually when I go overseas I lose interest very quickily...
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    Is FM ahead of the times?

    Whilst looking for something totally different I came across this on the UEFA web site: https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/index.html#/ . I'm sure the FM franchise has had this going on for the last two editions with the 'meaningless' competition during non World Cup/European Championship...
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    Arianit Ferati is he any good in FM18

    In 2017 I signed Ferati on one of my saves on a freebie and he proved to be a worldbeater. Has anyone tried him in the new FM and how does he turn out?
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    Players needed for Serie C Italian side 1st Season

    I've just started a save with Lecce in Serie C I have a max of 258k available with no chance of increasing without selling first. Ideally would like a consistent goalscorer of no more than 25 years old but any players which have good potential are acceptable. No Non-EU player from overseas clubs...
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    Lost all my saves so now to start again

    Don't you just hate it when you delete/lose you best saves due to a stupid error. Well that's me today (it will teach me not to save to the cloud I guess). Had to reinstall everything which meant I lost the save I had from the beta version. Am I gutted yes totally I had finally got a team who...
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    Optional Comments in Press Conferences.

    Has anyone every had one of their comments quoted by the reporter after making one.
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    Florin Andone anyone else signed him?

    I brought Andone from Coruna during an injury crisis at Man Utd because a). he had a good scoring record and b). his release clause was less than his value (clause £8.5m value £9-10m). He is only 23 so was worth a risk, thankfully my punt paid off and he has proven a more than adequate...
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    FM Touch 2017 How many have tried it and what do you think.

    Ok so most of the threads (if not all currently) are related to the full game but how many of you have looked at the cut down version. I've had a quick look at the touch version (40mins don't really give a feel for the game in my view) and although I will be concentrating mainly on the full game...
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    Who has been your Best Buy This Year?

    Who has been the best buy you have made in this years game. For me it has to have been Sisto in my Man U save. Picked him up for £7.5 million and has proven to be a total assist machine on either the right or left wing and has an average rating of 7.86 for the 5 seasons I've had him. His...
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    Ryan Giggs Keep or get Rid as the Assistant Manager?

    With all the speculation about the managers job at Man United I got to wondering how many people on starting a United save keep him or get rid and why. Personally I get rid not because I dislike him it's more a case of there are better assistants out there. 8-|
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    Malmo 1st Season Looking for CB and Fwd

    Just started a save in Sweden with Malmo and need a good ball winning central defender and a consistent goalscorer. Have 2.5 million to spend but prefer to not spend over 1m for either. Both need to be under 28 years.
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    Hull City Season 2 Forward Suggestions.

    In first season managed a very acceptable 14th but no real outstanding goalscorer. Transfer funds 2 million could stretch to 3 million but want value for money and a forward who will score 15+ regularly.
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    Big Norm’s Foot and Mouth Tour

    This is my first attempt at a manager story so apologies now if it gets boring. Norman Whiteside former Man United Star and current Podiatrist has decided it’s time to give up looking after smelly feet and go back to the game he use to terrorise with his no nonsense attitude in the 1980’s...