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    LOSC Lille: French Speaking Players

    12.2 Database if it helps... Can you recommend French speaking players:- Preferably of French origin eg. Belgium, most African countries and obviously France etc. I am Lille, so please don't recommend players already there... Position: Name: Age Group: U21, 22-25, 26-30, 30+ Club: Asking...
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    First Day of Management: What do you do?

    Hi all, The thought just crossed my mind, that I do the same thing when I start a new game regardless of the team and was wondering if anyone else has the same sort of rituals. eg. signings; tactics; staff etc. Please post the first three things you do when you start a new game or take over a...
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    The Pentegon Challenge: Kinkladze is ready for World Domination

    The Pentegon Challenge - My Progress so far... Career so far:- Georgi Kinkladze - Sunday League Footballer - Unemployed... The below listed screenshots will be updated at the end of every season and/or change of managerial position, I will also archive the posts / screenshots in the thread...
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    Best Team Online Games

    Hi all, I am here to get some ideas of teams to play with coz I'm getting pee'd off playing against Real Madrid, when I want to play as Man City... So 4 stars and below please... Thanks in advance
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    Guide to Starting your Game: Always wanted a long and successful career or club reign

    This Guide aims to provide you with a better appreciation and understanding of everything at your disposal to enhance your game. Always wanted a long and successful career or club reign? Follow this step by step guide to get you started on the right path So it’s the first day of the job…...
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    Help!! FM Editor doesn't work???

    This is what my editor looks like when i load it up... any ideas guys??? I'll really want to make my own db!!! for my legends scenario... http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-players/95414-legends-re-born-player-squad-help.html#post1463326
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    Legends Re-Born - Player / Squad Help

    I hoping to make a English Premier League legend scenario and story...Firstly my plans are to create a new team and put them in the EPL, this team will have young versions of the Legends (U18/U21[not decided]) and then give the the best facilities and stadium etc. to allow them to grow and see...
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    Help with Strike Partnerships for 2

    I generally play a front two and I normally have one lying deeper than the other. eg. Trequartista and Poacher, Advanced Forward and Deep Lying Forward, Target Man and Poacher etc. But I my best 2 strikers are Target Men and I was wondering if anyone has successfully created or found a...
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    What do you think is missing from FM

    Hi fellow FM-ers, I think I'm just getting to the stage now where i start to notice things that are missing and I think the Board Confidence, should be more played with... So yeah, I'll start it off!!!! I am suggesting to add... some form of monthly meetings with your teams board to maybe...
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    HELP!!! I need to load the game twice??

    Hi all, Just wondering if there is anyway that you can load FM2012 twice, so that i can play saves simultaneously??? ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
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    4-4-2-English Styles: Arsenals Invincibles & Uniteds Treble Team, Tactic Explained

    4-4-2-English Styles: Arsenals Invincibles & Uniteds Treble Team, Tactic Explained Brief Intro: These variations have both been massively influential on modern day English game. Both managers have clearly used different styles, Fergie and Wenger had one similarity and that was that the time...
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    Future British Superstars (less known)...

    Any ideas who will be the next Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, David Beckham, Michael Owen, Alan Shearer, or even Wayne Rooney??? NOT ALLOWED... any obvious superstars... eg. Nani, Adam Johnson, Daniel Sturridge. bascially no players who have played a decent amount of first team premiership apps...
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    Players working well together???!!!!

    Hi all, I need help. I need a tactic and players!!!! I have robinho and aguero upfront, but they play **** together and i need a new partnership... who to keep and play??? I dont know any ideas on 2 strikers that work well together on the big stage??? Also I need a tactic maybe to keep aguero...