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    The journey of a young manager.

    “So tonight we’re going to discuss something quite remarkable. We’re doing an in depth interview with him. He’s been quite a story in the lower leagues, but hasn’t really been picked up by the nation until now. Let’s welcome our special guest, please welcome Ian Lim to Football Focus” “Thanks...
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    Toolbar and Views.

    So i got an XML parsing error and i followed the steps to delete the settings folder. After doing so, whenever i start up fm13, i have to re select what i want on my top toolbar and any customised views i had are simply gone and i have to restart it everytime? any ideas on how to help?
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    International Management

    Was just wondering how long it took till countries started approaching you to manage their countries. I'm in my third season with united and have been fairly successful but whenever i announce my intention to manage a country my interest gets laugh off? For example, england got knocked out of...
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    Manchester United - Road to Glory

    Using LFCMarshall latest summer update. Just wanted to share my journey with Manchester United.After making his shocking swoop for Robin Van Persie, United legend Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement from his managerial role and has been appointed Director of Football for Manchester...
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    The Roar of the Three Lions

    It was the end of the summer of 2020. After being knocked out of the quarter finals of the European Championship, Stuart Pearce resigned from his role as England Manager. It seemed like England’s true golden generation had finally faded. A look into the past Fabio Capello was managing...
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    Won't process

    I am able to load my game but when i click continue, it stays on processing for hours on end. I'm not sure if its frozen or slow. This is the first time it's happen and i'm about 6 seasons into the game? Is there anyway to fix this? tried to holiday past the date but it wouldnt work :/
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    New regens every year?

    I was just wondering what does everyone do with their regens? I'm into season 2018/2019. Every year especially during march i will scout europe for regens who will be world beaters. My average age for my squad is 21, having sold multiple player who will simply hamper the development of the...
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    Adataple layout

    I been playing fm12 for awhile but slight embaress to say i still have no idea how to change the layout. i left it as a 4 panel screen but my little brother just asked me how to change it for his game and i have no clue how to? i been searching all over the net and still have come to no answer...
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    Quick question on feeder clubs

    Do you lose your feeder club when they get promoted in the premiership? Any one who hasn't lost their feeder club due to it's promotion to the premiership? I currently have 4 players out on loan with Ipswich and they're currently in second place even though they have a media prediction of...
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    Rooney help

    I'm in my 4th season with United, been winning the league past 3 seasons, in first place mid march and rooney yet again brings up concerns that he wants to leave, this conversation has happen twice already. I dont want him to leave, but if he forces it who would be a good replacement? He's...
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    Steam automatic update?

    I leave my steam account online all the time but whenever i start a new game, it says the version is still 12.0.0? Any help? i tried restarting steam and everything but nothing seems to work :/
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    The United Way

    Introduction So it's been a year since Sir Alex Ferguson annouched his retirement. It was the summer of 2011 after winning the 19th league trophy. The great man decided it was time to call an end to his miraculous career. It was a complete shock to the world, not even the chairman or owners...