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    Need help on squad selection screen

    Usually when I pick my team on Matchday selected players go to the top. Now they just stay where they are and are making it harder for me to pick quickly. I clicked the pkd button but then all positions get mixed up. Anyone got any solutions ?
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    Spurs/Adebayor HELP ?!

    I have the money to sign him but his wage demands are way too high ! Anyone dealt with this on their games ?
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    Ive started tweeting alot about fm12. So follow me, i follow back :) https://twitter.com/#!/baileyboy7
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    Help ME !!!

    Im racing my friend to 100 twitter followers and i am currently on 71. Please follow me, i tweet about fm12 quite alot and football and i like interacting with other fans, i do follow back. tweet me @baileyboy7
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    FM12 twitter users

    Follow me on twitter @baileyboy7, tweet quite alot about FM2012 so if you would like to follow me thats fine, if not its your choice :) i will follow back people who tweet stuff i enjoy :P (Which is most things).
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    Patch 11.3 delayed by one day

    SI director miles just put on his twitter that the patch has been delayed by a day due to all the hate he got by some greek forum so he has to delete all the hate. If this means the patch was going to be today i dont no :S
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    problem with club logos

    i am newcastle on fm, i dont use any downloaded logos for champ teams, but for some reason when i do an interview, when it shoiws my team badge for one the questions it just shows the shield not the proper logo, any idea why this is thnaks in advance
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    steam exclusive skin

    does anyone have this as i installed throug steam and i havent got it yet
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    i have signed beckham .. with derby :D

    i have signed the one and only david beckham for just over 3million. No cheating, honestly.
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    fm2010 unique ids

    will they be the same as 2009 so we can use the graphics folder we have now on it or will they change all together ???
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    newcastle on fm10

    cnt wait to be them and return them to the big time like i am currently triing to do on fm09
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    winning everything

    has anyone actually won all the big leagues eng,ita,spa,fra,sco,fra etc
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    Has anyone else made manuel almunia english or any other player of that matter ?

    I made him english after my first season and is now on course to be my number one , is there anyone else who has done this with other players. And i got schjoles and carragher out of internationsal retirement.
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    Miles Addison and Ched Evans my man city superstars

    Miles Addison has been touted as the next Gerrard an look at Ched Evans record all ready. (Pictures Below.) Post any superstars you find, Mcgugan is also good and i know his cousin :P Delph and McCleary are sick aswell !!
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    Help me

    i instaled via steam , i activated on steam fine but when i click launch the uniloc comes up and rejects tthe code , i got a new one and that still doesn't work, help would be appreciated
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    Please help

    i was playing fm , my pc restarted itself , now it ses enter code when i do it says buy of si forum (i am on steam ) an i brought it from blockbuster
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    Its out !!!!
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    Release date for 9.3 ?

    Does anyone know the exact date of release
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    need a challenge !!

    Who should i be to make my own squad
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    Patch 9.3

    When is the patch 9.3 coming out ?