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    Anyone heard of a band called Seether? If so please state your favourite album/song. I've been really getting into them lately and I love Your Bore on the album Disclaimer II.
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    Football manager 2010 vs. Championship Manager 2010

    Hello people of fm-base. Many people may think that this is a pointless thread, however I think it can help people who are fm fans that are tempted to buy cm. I searched and I didn't find a thread like this. Basically I will be comparing a number of things from fm 2010 and cm 2010. Feel fair to...
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    Fabio Muwumbi- download available!!!

    Hello all :). A few of you may have seen my thread, "Fabio Muwumbi- thrills, spills and skills". Well now, you can download Fabio Muwumbi himself onto your game, and he's even got a face! Here is the attactched file, extract to "SI>fm 2010>editor data. For more information, click here now!
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    World Record Broken

    http://uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20100216/twl-freediver-breaks-holding-breath-reco-41f21e0.html Jesus christ man! I can't even do it for 30 seconds, let alone 19 minutes :O
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    Lewis, Finn, Jordyoffy and Jammin's db requests

    Right, me and Nick have set up a thread where you can ask us for a custom db. After a lot of confusion on who's thread to pick from, this thread has been created and we are ready to take requests. We will accept: Created Clubs Created Players Created Media Sources Created Injuries Created...
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    Marlon King

    Well I did do the decent thing and ask in the player roles thread but no-one's replied for half an hour, and I need to know pretty urgent, so what's the best role to play Marlon King, in the 10.2 patch? Cheers :)
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    Closed Thread.

    Well I found a site called theawaystand.co.uk, and I read one of the forums. Here's a link I have to say though I took a bit of offence at the Argyle bit underneath throw something lol :P Btw I searched for a similar thread but I couldn't find it.
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    Lewis Edwards: From Janner, to Scousser

    Well first I would like to apologize about doing so many stories and then leaving them, yes I was bored witht them (apart from my birmingham and everton ones which crashed :S), but I'm in the year 2012 on this one so it shows I can stick with a game. So if you could avoid posting **** on this...
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    Best Nirvana Song

    Well, I have to say, over the past 2 months or so, I have become a massive Nirvana fan, got all their albums and stuff. But what do you think is the best song by them?
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    Training help

    Right, if you have a coach with say 20/20 for attack coaching, you'd obviously have him doing an attack regime, likewise with a 20/20 for defence, he'd be put to a defence regime etc. But what good attributes does a coach need for set piece coaching? Thanks in advance ---------- Post added at...
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    What age did you stop believing?

    Hi guys, merry christmas, did you have a good one? Just wanted to know, what age did you stop believing in santa? I stopped believing at the age of about 8 or 9, when I saw a mince pie in the bin on boxing day. So I asked my mum and she said "Yep, sorry but he's not real." I was gutted :( My...
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    ATTENTION!!!! Anyone want to join my new net game? If anyone confirms that they wanna join, I'll email them the details... It's in the coca-cola championship and I'm using the free agents db. Looking for 3 more players. Rules: No racism, discrimination etc. No taking other users staff unless...
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    Trouble motivating myself

    Well I'm doing an AEK Larnakas game, but the trouble is, I really can't seem to motivate myself to play it. Normally I would just stop, however I've got a thread about it, and I don't wanna let everyone down. Has anyone got any ideas how I can motivate myself to play it? Thanks, Lewis Edwards
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    New db?

    Well, I've got some time on my hands and I'm planning to make a new db. I will take the Cook islands as they are one of the less known countries in football, get rid of everything and start from scratch. I will create new teams, players with random stats, kits, stadiums etc. I've already...
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    Serie A net game

    Well I'm doing a small serie a net game, and i'm starting when I've got three more people in, it's first come first serve to hurry! Apply on this thread and I will message you the details. When everyone is on, go on to my hamachi by using the details in the message i send you. NOTE: I am...
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    db help

    Well, to be honest, I'm a bit of a dumb person when it comes to editing, but basically, i downloaded kris's cypriot leagues, but it didn't come up on the game. I saved it to the right place, editor data, and it works for all my other db's, but not this one. I think it's because it's a RAR file...
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    Well, I haven't been on it for the last 3 days i think, this is because of a dodgy internet connection, and so i came back on a couple hours ago. It has changed a little. I like the way how you can like posts now instead of thanking, just like facebook. But the thing i don't like is that the...
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    Making a skin

    Right, here's the deal. I've searched, and searched, and searched, all over the internet, google, sortioutsi.net, you name it, i've searched and can't find it. Every time there is one, for some reason the page is deleted or disabled in some way. Has anyone found a guide for making a skin? I even...
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    Well I know I'm a bit late but oh well, and plus i tried searching this time ;), and nothing of the subject came up.... so yeah I'll get on with it. It's official, Paul Sturrock has been removed as manager of Plymouth Argyle and moved to business manager, as Paul Marriner takes over in...
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    My apologies

    Well after yet another ban it has come to my attention how annoying I actually am to you guys. This is my message. First of all, I will say an apology to the admins I have nnoyed by my stupid need to post uneccasary threads all the time. I am particularly apologizing to redders, JP, lee etc. I...