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    Dungeon Keeper Gold

    It's currently free to get on GOG for the weekend, not sure how many of you have played or even heard of the dungeon keeper games but I spent many an hour playing them.
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    Mark as read option

    Did it move and I'm blind or did it get removed?
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    Created players.

    I know the game has literally just been released but has anyone tried creating players? Just tried to add a few to a club and none of them show up, done everything I could possibly think of to get them to show up but nothing seems to work.
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    Network game.

    Well none are seem to be starting up soon so figured I'd go ahead and try and get some people together to start one... Not sure how good I'd be as a host but I'm willing to try it out and see how it runs for everyone, if someone feels that can host well post in here and we will get this up and...
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    Anyone starting up or hosting a fairly new game?

    Was in one for 5-6 seasons but it died, and the latest one I was in died off too. Looking for a new one, not too many people (3-4) otherwise it takes ages and gets annoying/boring.
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    What formation should I play?

    Liverpool 5th season. GK: Reina Areola RB: Kyle Walker Romario Flanagan (plays as cover for both sides) CB: Otamendi Papadopoulos Toloi Two young regens(neither are ready for first team yet) LB: Schmelzer Wilson CM: M'vila Modric (Regen basically a 18 year old version of M'vila) Pjanic...
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    Target man - Support role around 5mil.

    Title pretty much says it all :P Looking for a young half decent target man for up to 5mil.
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    Barca ST

    This is on my exploratory save so i'm open to any suggestions. I play a 4-1-3-2 with two wide inside fowards.(Neymar/Messi). With Kadlec in a poacher role and Villa playing as a deep-lying forward. So yeah, I'm looking to replace Villa with somone a little younger, i'm a few seasons in so...