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    Shaqiri & Xhaka, decent?

    Yo guys, Just looking for some opinions on the pair of Xherdan Shaqiri of Bayern and Granit Xhaka of Gladbach on the game. Coming up to January in my 2nd season with Liverpool and I'm sitting nicely in 2nd and wanted to add some more quality after the board gave me another £25M to spend...
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    Liverpool 2nd season - additions to squad?

    Just finished 1st season at Liverpool, came 6th in the league and won the FA Cup and lost in the final of the Europa League to Anjii - now I reckon we should break into the top four this season but obviously gunna need substantial adding to the squad to compete.. Given £40M by the board to...
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    West Brom - Breaking into the top four and more

    Yo, just to clear up straight away I've already played 2 seasons on this save.. just in pre-season of my 3rd and carrying on from here, but I'll round up the previous 2 seasons and all that so you know whats happened.. West Brom; 2012/2013 season review; We battled all season for the...
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    Wellington Nem - Is he worth the cash?

    Just started with West Brom first season - bidded 17.5m for Wellington Nem, was accepted, but is he worth it?
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    Millwall - The Lions Return

    King takes the helm Millwall fans have been left astonished and puzzled this summer morning as Kenny Jackett stepped down as Millwall manager, stating it was time for a 'fresh start and new strategy' for the clubs management. Kenny Jackett's career as a player only lasted till the age of 28...
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    Tsunami hits north-eastern Japan after massive quake

    North Eastern Japan has suffered a massive earthquake and also a Tsunami today. The Earthquake was measured with a magnitude of 8.9, and Seismologists have claimed it's one of the biggest earthquakes to hit Japan for many years. A tsunami warning has been sent out to the Philippines, Indonesia...
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    Bolton - 2nd season - LB, ST, GK, LM

    Ohai guyz. Yeah so I'm bolton, finished 6th in my first season and won the FA Cup! :D But now my team sucks and is getting old and I need a few replacements. Dunno what my budget is but we got taken over by a consortium so I guess it'll be decent as we're in Europe and they're decently rich...
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    The Baggies; Beating The Drop.

    'Sup. Well I got FM last week and I'm starting to get into it. Thought I may aswell make one last story before the blog system comes in place, and then probably transfer it all to that when it comes around. So yeah, West Brom is the team, and this is the story. Peace. x P.S - Font won't always...
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    Portsmouth finally out of Administration

    Portsmouth Football Club are finally out of Administration after one of the most important deals in the clubs history was struck with Alexandre Gaydamak late last night to safeguard the clubs future. More here.
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    Duffen admits Pompey interest

    Former Hull City chairman Paul Duffen has revealed that he has been trying to engineer a takeover deal with Portsmouth. Full story here. I personally see it as another owner who has a dodgy background, he hasn't exactly left Hull in the best financial position either, so how he'd improve our...
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    Xam Gnik - A Max King story.

    Hola. Getting kinda bored now in the Summer with his ****** weather and I've got my College stuff sorted out so I've got some free time, so I thought I'd make a new story. This is about a made up lad called Xam Gnik (my name backwards - credit to Kris/Redders as they started that off a while a...
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    Scott, Max & Luke; Chairman Game.

    Hello, Most of you would of seen Kris and Jake’s Chairman game, due to annoying PMs from noobs and time consuming factors they had to stop running it. So we have decided to run our own version if the game. For those of you not familiar with the set up of a Chairman’s game, here is the basic...
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    Camoranesi open to Birmingham move

    Mauro Camoranesi's agent has revealed that Birmingham have made contact over a possible move for the Juventus midfielder. The 2006 World Cup winner has been linked with a departure from Juventus after eight years with the Turin club. His representative Sergio Fortunato has now declared that...
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    Portsmouth to learn fate on Thursday

    Portsmouth will find out on Thursday whether an appeal by tax authorities which disputes the amount of money they are owed has been successful. HM Revenue & Customs says it is owed £13m more than the £24m claimed by Portsmouth's administrators. Pompey, who were relegated to the Championship in...
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    Max's 4-4-2 Hodgson tactics

    Hey. ^^) These are the new tactics I'm releasing, based on Roy Hodgson's highly successful 4-4-2 which took his Fulham side to 7th in the Premier League, after just about surviving relegation in the previous season. He then went on to take Fulham to there first ever European final, beating...
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    Deadlock in Boateng deal

    Kevin-Prince Boateng's agent has revealed that talks with Genoa over a proposed move have stalled. The Serie A outfit have been leading the hunt for the Portsmouth midfielder for some time, and were believed to be closing in on an agreement. However, talks with Pompey and Boateng's...
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    Max's Tactic Request Thread

    Seeing as I have a little spare time on my hands lately I've decided to make a tactic request thread. I am revising for my exams a lot so requests will be taken slowly and the thread will be closed after every few requests so I can catch up on them. Only formations I won't be doing are...
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    Max's 4-4-1-1 Tactic

    Hello. :) This is my new tactic I created on Friday with Blackburn, and it's given me great success so far. I took charge at Blackburn at the start of the second season and inherited basically the default squad without Hoilett and Olsson who had been sold, and I had to rely on younger players...
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    Ever Really Regretted Selling a Player?

    Hello. :) So, how many of you have been seriously gutted that you sold a player and they've gone on to be amazing, or you've just missed them in you're team and you can't win a game without them? Or have you just regretted it because you don't think you got enough money for them? I sold Jimmy...
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    How well do you really know your squad?

    Hello. :) I was just wondering, how well do you guys really know your squads in your FM saves? Do you know when a player needs to be taken off for the benefit of your team? Do you know how to change your tactics when you get a few injuries to benefit the other players coming in? I've been...