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    Bachar's 5-2-3 V1

    Hello everyone! this is the first tactic im sharing with you here. this website helped me a lot and i wanted to help some of you as well. I was always looking for a good defence&offense tactic that plays with WB's and 3 Cb's. so i came up with the idea to duplicate Barak Bachar's tactics...
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    new leagues database

    hello, is there an editor fie with more leagues across europe that will work for 16.2? (crucial leagues in the file are the cyprus leagues, brazillian divisions, palestinian divisons(not neccery but i reffer to have it) and israeli divisons, me and my friend are running an experiment and we will...
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    fm speeder

    hello everybody. i am running an experiment about youth development and of course going on holiday is slow. i tried to download fm speeder but it tells me i cant extract it. what can i do? please help me, going 20 days takes 1 hour for me, i cant take that.
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    having problems with dates

    so i downloaded a transfer update for the israeli league and im having problems with it: the second league liga leumit, is a league with split. so when i entered the game and started a new save i have selected the file and it said "error: liga leumit date 1\1\1900 is out of season length" i...