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    Installing fm 16 problem

    When I install my fm 16 , once selecting language then I enter the product key , the. It asks me where to install so I chose the set option on c it imediatley pops up saying it can't install. Anyone have any ideas as to solve this please ?
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    screen shots

    how do i put screen shots on here?
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    Everton - Sticky Toffee

    Just started a new save with Everton , Got the LFC Marshall update so I have a 5 Million Transfer Budget to start with. Gonna do this in monthly updates so here goes.
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    Placing Barnsley on the map!

    Hi there , just started a new save with Barnsley, so I am going to keep you all updated with this game. I have been a little naughty and given myself a extra million in the transfer budget raising it to 1.4m and put a extra 4.5m in the bank raising it to 7 million just to make sure I stay...
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    EPL network game

    I am looking to start a new network game anytime soon, I would like to be Everton, Anyone up for a game with a team of similar strength?
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    No Blades allowed!

    6th Of July 2011 Now I have always seen mysely as a nice kinda guy, Polite,Hard working Freindly your usual run of the mill kind of bloke. I'm not gonna say i have always been a angel, i was a proper little **** when i was a young un. but a couple of years in the kenel sorted my head out. Now I...