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    Ante Coric - wonderkid from Croatia

    The biggest talent from Croatia, just like Kovacic and Halilovic, this guy will be the beast! Here is attributes and wanted list from start of the game
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    Can someone post a thread: Request a player screenshot?

    of course, someone who installed beta
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    Where is LLM thread?

    on this forum was special thread LLM for fm12, now?
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    How to create a player in editor?

    if someone can explain me please. I know that must be CA and PA harmonized with attributes, but I don't know how
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    Question for Moderators and others

    can anyone tell me do you have some kind of statistic on this forum about how many peoples on forum are from England, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, etc etc. Just to see how many peoples from different countries are here :) (if anyone who read this post are from "balkan", please send me private message!)
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    Demo database small?

    In demo is database: small. Can I change it somehow to large?
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    Josip Radosevic - Hajduk

    Josip Radosevic, very talented player from Croatia. He also has 1 cap for Croatian national team.
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    Alen Halilovic - The Next Big Thing

    He is in real life one of the best players in his generation. He is youngest player in Croatian League who scores a goal! His playing style is compared to Messi, and he looks like Modric. Here is some video of his moves and goals, and screenshoot in fm 13 :) Name: Alen Halilovic Club: Dinamo...
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    Luka Modric or Mesut Ozil?

    What do you think who will have a key role in Mourinho's team? Modric or Ozil, and who is generally better? I don't think that both can play in first team
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    Premiership (joke)

    Premiership Table: 1. Howard Webb - 67 points 2. Abu Dhabi Petroleum Tour - 66 Points 3. Modric & Bale, not for sale - 53 points 4. Robin Van Persie - 49 points 5. Russian Yacht Collection - 49 points 6. Free Agents - 44 points 7. 18 trophies, no one remembers the last - 39 points...
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    Nikica Jelavic - should he stay or go?

    What is your opinion about him? Many Premiership clubs are interested for him. Of course that Rangers want to keep him, but money is money and Jelavic deserves all of that
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    Who's got the worse fans in the league?

    Title says all. I'd say Wigan
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    Sylvester Igboun - Middtjylland

    Name: Sylvester Igboun Club: Middtjylland D.O.B: 08/09/1990 Nationality: Nigerian Position: Striker Very quick and cheap youngster, not the best composure but his speed is awesome
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    What's your hobby except playing fm?

    Mine is betting, playing football and boring college. jej
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    Sammir - Dinamo Zagreb

    Name: Sammir Club: Dinamo D.O.B: 23.4.1987 Nationality: Croatian/Brasilian Position: AMC Strengths: Dribbling, First Touch, Penalty Taking, Technique, Composure, Balance, Strength Weaknesses: Heading, Concentration, Determination, Positioning
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    Again on fm base :)

    Hi to all. Maybe someone remember me, maybe not. I was very active on this site in previous months/ages. My user name was Marko8. I created few popular threads: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/fm-2011-general-discussion/56998-dinamo-zagreb-guide-marko8.html...