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    How to get promoted from Championship to Premier League

    Alright, I'm on a save with Portsmouth and just finished my second season. First season I won the league easily and now am in the Championship which I finished my first season 15th. I was playing OK, never got into the relegation zone but never really got higher than 15th position. Does anyone...
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    Tactic based on fast wingers

    I'm looking to buy Salah for Liverpool and test out what him and Mane would be like on both wings with their pace. I've never used a tactic before that is based on fast football using both wingers as the main threat, but what to try it out because I think with these two, it could be very...
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    successful corner set pieces

    I'm trying to create a good set piece for my corners, which is something i've never done on FM so I'm a bit confused what I should do. Does anyone have any advice or even screen shots would be perfect of a sucesfful corner set piece? I'm playing as Liverpool with only a couple of tall players...
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    Do you get the hard Brexit? What did you do?

    Has anyone been managing in the premier league and got the hardest Brexit? if so, how did you go about it? did you struggle? could you only sign UK players?
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    Attacking CM for Liverpool

    In my 2nd season with Liverpool and looking for a central midfield (attack) to buy. I play with a fluid 4-1-2-2-1 (4-3-3) formation. It would be great if I could have a recommendation of both an English player and a foreign player. He will be in the center of the midfield, who i'll want to move...
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    Jordan Pickford

    I want to buy an English GK, for a while was keep on Butland but want to see other options. Has anyone used Pickford or have a sreen shot from the future?
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    How do I get Liverpool to work?

    It's the same thing every year for me, I spend ages getting all excited before the game comes out planning my tactics, doing research and then when I start the game it goes to s***! Every year I play with a 4-2-3-1 so I've had enough and am thinking about trying the 4-3-3 (DM). What...
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    How is he for everyone? I can buy him for Liverpool but he wants over 150k per week, so just want to make sure is he worth the wages?
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    Play one-twos + runs with ball often PPM

    Do you think the two player preferred moves would work well together? 'Play one-twos' and 'Runs with ball often'? I was thinking of making Coutinho learn this in my 4-2-3-1 tactic...
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    Premier League 2016/2017 facepack

    Has anyone got a default-style facepack for the premier league 2016/2017 season? or know a way I can just select the premier league players from the mega pack? Thanks
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    Will tactics change in the full release?

    Currently playing the Beta and have got a nice tactic that's working well. I'm just wondering once the full release update happens, will this affect my tactic in any way? I'm worrying the update will make it not work well anymore.
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    Same S*** different FM

    I'm dominating games, getting around 20 shots in at goal but no goals! Is anyone else having this problem? I've already set instructions to work ball into box and asked my players to shoot less often... any other ideas how I could get them to score? XD
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    Ideas for this tactic/ thoughts on my plan

    I always get really excited and plan ahead before football manager comes out, however I must be doing something wrong because some often my tactics don't seem to be so effective. I play into a save and get nowhere then end up rage quitting. So, I'm asking some advise from you pros before...
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    Making matches run smoother

    So I've already pre-purchased FM17 on steam. I played FM16 on my laptop ok on low graphics settings and it seemed ok. I'm just slightly worried because (very rarely) when watching a match the game would go a tiny bit laggy, but this was hardly ever. Are there any graphic settings I can change...
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    Leicester 4-4-2 / 4-5-1 help

    Starting a save with Leicester, looking to play 4-4-2 control? And 4-5-1 counter. anyone good any good tactics for them? Cheers
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    A successful Gegenpressing tactic?

    Hi, I've been searching around trying to find if someone has made a Gegenpressing/Coutnerpressing tactic that works, i've seen a few people start threads saying stuff like this but never actually seen a a highly rated one... Does anyone have one they could share or any links?
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    I'm trying to come up with a tactic where I can have plenty of midfielders with 2 upfront and came up with this idea. I know it looks quite risky at the back, but maybe this would be good for home games when we're expected to win? what do you think? F9 - CF IF IF DLP - DM - BBM...
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    BENTEKE trouble

    I am loosing patience with him! Playing at 4-2-3-1,all of my other strikers can score using this tactic, I've tired playing him as CF and TM, changed the crossing settings etc., but he just can't score!! Anyone have any advise on how they made him score? I'm thinking trying a 2 striker...
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    2 Box-to-Box midfielders?

    Has anyone used two Box-to-Box midfielders in the same tactic? if so, does it work? I will be playing with a flat 3 in center midfield, the idea is this: BBM (support) CM (defend) BBM (support)
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    How much does Arsenal ask for him? They are sniffing around Lallana so I might buy him as my replacement... would he work in the center attack midfield position?