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    (RDF TWEAK) FM20.4.1 Tequilas Cousin 4141 105pts

    Any details on what foot the wingers should be mate?
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    Corner Tactics

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has a really good corner tactic they'd like to share? I get so many corners but barely convert them!
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    Pavs 2004 pep tweak

    I suspect that's because you are using Artem Dzyuba, he's not exactly renowned for being quick which you would need in the ST spot
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    4-2-3-1 Spirit of 2004

    Quality so far, 3 wins with Everton: Brighton (h): 3-0 Brighton (a) (cup): 2-0 Chelsea (h): 4-0
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    4-2-3-1 Spirit of 2004

    I'll give this a go, if you have better left footers like I do, here is the tactic the other way around
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    Best Pep Guardiola type tactic for fm20?

    There you go mate
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    FMKorea [Public Beta] 4231 System v1

    Some results for this tactic, started from the Blackpool game: Table: I've also made a reversed tactic for this so that the wingers and inside forward need to be left footed as it suited my team better, here are the results so far: Table: The team: Tactic attached
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    FMKorea [Public Beta] 4231 System v1

    Currently at work but I'll throw some up later when I'm home
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    FMKorea [Public Beta] 4231 System v1

    This tactic has been quality, I managed to win the Premier league with an Everton side I massively overhauled in the first season (Sold players for around 150m and bought players like Vignato, Maldini)
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    playgm Sebastian's Tactics

    We need you in charge mate! ;) First game by the way:
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    playgm Sebastian's Tactics

    Trust me a I know :) I'm an Everton fan so I know straight away who I want gone from that team hahaha
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    playgm Sebastian's Tactics

    Going to give the blue 4231 a whirl. My team is still gelling (sold the deadwood and bought a tonne of players) and I've kinda thrown them into this really. Here is the team:
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    playgm Sebastian's Tactics

    Have you tried any mate? I'm currently torn between the mixed 4231 and the other 4231
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    Knap Preachin Blues 4-5-1 Tactic

    I can't seem to find it in the test table, I must be going blind here haha
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    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    I believe that the over the top ball is a bug, loads of people are reporting it on the SI forums
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    Attacking 4-2-3-1 tactic with strikers scoring a lot of goals.

    I'll give this a short test for 5 games with Everton, other than the winger/bbm players I don't really have I think my team suits this well EDIT: First game in the cup, played mostly fringe players and basically got FM'd and conceded from an indirect free kick, the chances that got missed...
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    Tactics from around the world Anyone tried this yet? Hereis the tac file:
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    fmscout Joejccva71's 4-1-4-1

    Really surprised by how this did in testing, literally turned my season around with Everton
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    Mass Attack Imperator by AD1990

    Reckon moving a CB into the HB position would work well here?